Warm Communications

RELEASE DATE: 2017-01-20




As I listen to the intro of Clair Obscur the first thing I notice is that someone put a lot of time and love into the production of this composition. The crisp, clean texture of the syncapated drum beats that snap, crackle and pop has me sitting up in my chair as I listen. Make no mistake these kind of Neurofunk beat grips you from the start and launches the listener into a forward motion.I then hear the nasty, growling distorted bass climbing its way through the track like a snake in the night.The layered pads are atmospheric and add a great amount of emotion and depth.Moving into the second track Nostalgia takes me on a even deeper trance like environment where weightlessness is a gift. If one was on the Apollo one mission to the moon this would be the soundtrack for my landing on the dark side of the planet.Once again I would not be giving props where they are due if I didn’t point out once again that super phat drums. The beats are are so sick on this track they will make you want to keep listening to Nostalgia over and over. I would use this track as a point of reference to why drum+bass is my favorite genre of music.When people often say to me what can you do with such few instruments that don’t understand DNB, or haven’t been exposed to the style enough to really get it. I say listen to the relationship between the two main instruments and how they respond to each other in this track and you’ll hear how it works. Well done. 5 Stars! Jason Bakes DNB◉UNITED.COM.

Warm Communications

RELEASE DATE: 2017-01-20


Beat smiths Hydro, War & Mateba grace Warm Communications for their debut on the label. It's the perfect 12", (in our humble opinion) that rides the line between the rough & the smooth. "Clair Obscur" pours out ominous pads alongside rolling breaks with all the subtle switch ups we love. It morphs and twists from the dark into lighter territory then back to the bleak. "Nostalgia" is a lush roller mixed with live bass(by Mateba) and beautiful, shimmering keys. We hope you all enjoy.


Forthcoming material by the three generals and it's a HUGE one! Large respect to Warm Communications for picking this one up and releasing it on their fantastic label. Will be out in January, so until then appreciate this short cut and be patient, it will be worth it.




Warm Communications:

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