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Calyx and Teebee are back with some of the smoothest sounding drum and bass you’ll ever hear as they team up with Mortlock in their second release of this year, “Scaramanga.” Following up from their release of Ruffian, which you can read the review on here, it isn’t surprising that Calyx and Teebee are back to creating amazing mixes that top the best in the business this year. With an introduction that sounds more like it belongs with DJ Stormy Rain on the easy listening network, “Scaramanga” has the listener lured into the trap of questioning, “Is this really drum and bass?” This is where our story comes in.


A desert lies before you. A golden city glistens off in the distance as the camera slowly pans over to it. There’s a soft keyboard and light synthetics as voice sings a few lingering high notes. An eagle pans into view and dives into the city. We now see a man jumping across the rooftops, swinging down and grabbing an apple before parkouring back up. There are drums and heavier beats now with squelching and quick snare drums as uniformed men on horses begin to chase him. The man runs to the edge of a building and is faced with a long drop. He leaps off the edge as the beat drops and we once again hear the eagle call and the soft vocals. We’ve all seen this trailer, haven’t we? It’s in video games, movies, TV shows, and sometimes in just regular commercials; but nevertheless we are enthralled and come back for more. The second half of the song is like the first but the synthetics have more of a computerized machine talk built in, and at times the editing almost sounds like multiple song fragments shoved together like a glitch in the system. It’s cool, it’s fresh, and it really should be at the top of your listening list.


Just be careful if you’re going to be doing this and parkour. That’s seriously dangerous and should only be attempted by stuntmen and morons. 


Pick up Calyx and Teebee’s “Scaramanga” featuring Mortlock now available only from RAM Records.




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