DETROIT’S FILTHIEST- HONOR AMONG THIEVES EP-DEFROSTATICA RECORDS. Drum+Bass @160bpm.Exclusive podcast- The United State Of Drum+bass.


This is Detroit's Filthiest second appearance on Defrostatica Records after his joint with Sinistarr "Yo Speakerz" which received praise by legends DJ Shadow and Jon1st in 2017. The Baghdad-born, Detroit-made musician and ghettotech innovator returns to the label with three no-frills banging 160 BPM tracks. Honor Among Thieves EP bristles with content of an artist and dj that knows a thing about making you move. The release is topped off with a glowing remix by BSN Posse from Malaga, Spain: smokey halftempo hangout melting into an amen break explosion. Artwork courtesy of infamous Leipzig collective Doppeldenk.





Release Date: 09/28/2018
Catalog: DICA008
Artist: Detroit's Filthiest
Title: Honor Among Thieves EP
Format: 12" vinyl & digital​





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