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DJ Malcolm MX is an established Drum and Bass and also Breaks DJ originally from the UK. Now living in Tbilisi, Georgia the last 4 years have seen 3 extended tours of Belarus and Ukraine, as well as parties in Finland, Czech Republic and here in Georgia which have firmly put him in the top league of sought after DJs in the region. With over 30 events under his belt in the former russian republics, his reputation as a not only a crowd pleaser, but also as a versatile and talented DJ is secure, headlining a large number of events on his travels. In the past MX has performed alongside artists including the DnB legends Twisted Individual and DJ Hype, as well as a lot more of the up and coming artists in the scene. However not happy to be number 2 to anyone, he took it on himself to put in the hard work and time to master his skills, and push him to the top of his game. Not being a producer was always going to make things harder. In a scene that is becoming more and more driven by those who write tunes, as well as DJ technologies making it more and more easy for producers to get behind the decks, events throughout the UK are flooded with artists who may not have ever set foot behind a set of technics or cdjs. But as a skilled DJ, and an entertainer as well, MX has surpassed that and there is no stopping him. Apart from being a DJ, MX is the founder of international event brand 'Drum and Basslines' which has staged events in Kyiv, Ukraine and Minsk, Belarus during 2011. With more events planned over the coming months he hopes to bring the same vibes to more cities around the world. He is also co-owner of internet radio station KRISISDnB.COM alongside DJ NeO. Jealous and cynical people may say thats how he has had the exposure and successes he has had so far, but thats far from the truth. MX says 'KRISISDnB was started to change the selfishness and politics that is prevalent in some forms of underground music stations. NeO and myself wanted to give opportunities to good DJs and MCs from around the world to perform to a worldwide audience and thats exactly what weve done. The station built the KRISIS brand, and weve taken that brand to clubs not only in the UK but abroad as well and given opportunities to well over 50% of the artists on the station to perform in front a crowd alongside some big name artists'.

Below is the DNB◉UNITED RECORDS interview:

Q:When did you begin your career as a pro dj/producer

A: I began my journey learning to mix in 2006. To be honest I really didnt know how successful I would be to even learn as I am partially deaf, so when one of my friends went on holiday for a week, I borrowed his belt drive decks to have a go. For a few months after that we practiced at weekends or evenings, until I bought a second hand set of direct drive decks for less than $100 off Ebay.

Q:What were the first five drum and bass albums you purchased?

A: When I started to mix I didnt really buy albums at all. I had an immediate list of tracks from Dillinja, Adam F, Fresh, Bad Company, etc that I could remember the names for, so went into my local record shop in Southampton, UK and got what they had, and they ordered me the rest over the following weeks and months. While I was in there I would always listen to everything new they had and normally $100-200 later I would have enough new tracks I liked to practice with.

Q:When did you first launch your website ?

A: Sometime in 2007 as internet radio was becoming popular I had a listen to a station online and spoke to the DJ playing on there (my friend DJ NeO). Coincidentally he lived just 20 miles from me so we met up and I joined him playing on the same radio station with our own shows and joint shows as well. As we seemed to becoming more popular with the highest number of listeners across the station, we had other DJs asking us to join us on our own station.

Overnight and with no experience at all of creating a website we made KRISISDnB. It looked terrible, but it worked, so we took things from there and improved things as we learned how to !

Q:What inspired you to create and TV?

A: The Drum and Basslines website was originally made as an extension to KRISISDnB as a name that could easily become our event brand. With DJs and MCs from the UK to get us going, we soon gained attention from DJs from Canada, USA, and Australia wanting to join us. It was going to be difficult to involve our international DJs in our events, but even our 3-6monthly extended shows we did on KRISISDnB were split across 3 continents (Australia, UK, and Canada) where we all took 6 hour chunks to make an (almost) 18 hour continuous show for our listeners.

For our UK DJs, and with a lot of support and help from our listeners we took the Drum and Basslines brand to Germany and Ukraine with a total of maybe 15 of our UK DJs coming to perform in another country. In the UK we did regular events in Southampton, Portsmouth, Bournemouth, as well as others in London, Swindon, and Newcastle. On that journey we had legends like Twisted Individual, Raiden, Unknown Error, Mutated Forms, Doc Scott, DJ Pleasure, Highroller, Alter Ego, Tantrum Desire, DJ Dose (now called Funtcase in his dubstep guise) all performing alongside our own KRISISDnB/Drum and Basslines DJs and MCs.

Q:How has your website grown since the launch?

A: The Drum and Basslines website was only really created 'because if you have a brand, you should have a website...'. When I left the UK in 2009 I was not going to abandon Drum and Basslines, I was more of the opinion to USE my location to spread word of it into new countries. That is how we did 3 events in Kyiv, Ukraine and brought our UK DJs and MCs over for it. As time passed the website evolved from an event promotion site for us, into a news and downloads portal for the whole DnB scene. Its done pretty well at that, and when I added DnBTV into the mix in 2012 I think it was, then it stepped up a further gear to finally have a Drum and Bass TV channel that the world could watch 24/7.

Q:What has been your favorite interview or artist you've featured?

A: In terms of our events we did in Kyiv, Ukraine it would be impossible to say. 3 events, the first with Unknown Error, the second with Raiden and Mutated Forms, and third with Doc Scott were all very special for everyone who performed, AND (more importantly) for everyone who came to them. I still get people tagging me in pics or people messaging me asking when we will do another one, who knows one day maybe it will happen.

Q:How has drum and bass changed since you started listening to your first album?

A: When I started to mix there was only really 1 option for me and that was to mix on vinyl. But I came on the scene way after the beginning of DnB, so I was not as emotionally attached to vinyl as maybe other DJs are. I moved to using both vinyl and a CDJ for quite a long time, I shipped my Technics to Belarus when I moved there, and then I moved onto using a midi controller. In a way that is how DnB has also changed in the last 10 years, the developments from pressing a hugely expensive vinyl, to the $1 mp3 file.

One thing I will never forget was something Twisted Individual said to me after one of our events. I said to him you havent released any new tracks for a few years now, why not? He said basically with the sales price (and profit) of an mp3 for a producer, it was simply not worth his time doing. He said he still makes tracks, but the only way people will get to hear them, is if they come and see him perform live at an event, as that was the only way a producer now could afford to make a living.

How true that is I think.

Q:I heard you say once that if wanted to make money you would have started a "Justin Beiber" Website-Why did you choose D&B?

A: My musical tastes have been through many phases from House and Techno, to The Prodigy, Freestylers and the whole Breakbeat thing, and then onto Drum and Bass. I think one of the first Drum and Bass parties I went to was at a tiny club in Bournemouth called Destiny not too long after I moved from London to Southampton. It was an amazing little place and I met a lot of good friends there, and things just moved on from there really.

Q:Your on an island and you can only take five DNB albums...Please name them.

A: Lets rephrase that as I said earlier I didnt (and dont) really buy many albums, so 10 tunes I would take with me on an island.... in no particular order..

1) Unknown Error - Shadows Original and remix - and (im going to cheat and say The Yearning as well)

2) Distorted Minds - No Test

3) Sub Focus - Let the Story Begin

4) Pendulum - The Vault

5) Subsonik vs Kira - Hold On

6) Tantrum Desire - Xenomorph

7) Matrix and Futurebound - Shanghai Surprise

8) Raiden - Fallin

9) DJ Pleasure - Bounty Hunter

10) Mutated Forms - Chasing Dreams

and I'm going to add

11) Ill Skillz - Be there for you - Original and Remix

Q:Finally what is your most wanted artist interview that you haven't done to date?

A: That is an interesting question, even in my 10 years in DnB ive seen artists come and go.. and come back again. I see DJ Highroller (my friend Josh from Perth Australia) who was originally half of Dub Alley before he went solo, disappeared for a while, but now is back making tracks again. Also from my days in Southampton was DJ Dose now better known with his Dubstep name Funtcase. This video is him in my studio (well garage...) with us and another DJ friend of mine DJ Rusty who came over from Brazil

We just want to thank you for taking the time for us at DNB◉UNITED RECORDS. We want to wish you luck in all your future endeavors. Music is a gift. Thanks for sharing your's.