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Maduk, 24 years old and living in Amsterdam, is one of the most promising new talents in the Drum & Bass scene. Fresh off winning the “Best Newcomer Producer” award at the prestigious Drum & Bass Arena 2014 Awards, Maduk proves to have a worldwide range of support. With releases on labels such as Hospital, Viper, UKF, Fokuz, Allsorts and his own Liquicity Records (which he co-runs with fellow Dutchman, Maris Goudzwaard) this youngster is just getting started!

Supported by Pendulum, Sub Focus, Camo & Krooked, Netsky, High Contrast, Danny Byrd, Friction, TC, Bcee, London Elektricity, John B, Futurebound, Matrix, Grooverider, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, The Prototypes, Culture Shock, Crissy Criss, Metrik, Brookes Brothers, Dirtyphonics and many others.

Maduk is also one half of the successful YouTube channel turned record label, Liquicity which has grown to build one of the largest communities of liquid drum & bass in the world and has played a key part in reaching new audiences for the smoother side of bass music over the past eight years.

Following the announcement of his exclusive signing to drum & bass empire Hospital Records, Maduk presents his debut release with the label, ‘Not Alone’ – an energetic three-piece set of dance-floor feelers that accelerate through vocal chop ups and piano lead melodies. Here he has drawn from a number of local dutch talents with lively layered vocals from MVE & Frae and a collaboration on production with electro-house duo Duckfront.

Maduk quotes many Hospital Records artists as key inspirations so it’s no surprise his collaboration with Logistics delivers; ‘Solarize’ shifts up the pitch, drops down the bass and reels out the drums for an infectious drum & bass roller. Finally “Africa” – a track previously selected for Fred V & Grafix’s popular 2015 ‘Hospital Mixtape‘ – which draws for gentle piano chords, brass horns, glimmering flute, subtle high-hats and looped vocal snippets showcasing Maduk’s more mellow and melodic side.

Biography courtesy of Hospital Records

And now for the DNB◉UNITED exclusive interview with Maduk:

Q: What was the first Drum and Bass album you ever listened to?

A: Probably Pendulum – Hold Your Colour, very original I know haha…

Q: What was your first big break as a Drum and Bass artist and how did it feel to know your career was going in the right direction?

A: To be honest I don’t think there is one major ‘breakthrough’ point. My ‘career’ developed very gradually over the past 4-5 years and to me this also feels best for me. Building everything slowly but surely (one of my favourite Drum & Bass tracks all time by the way) and take time to think things through!

Q: What gave you the inspiration for this amazing new album?

A: The album consists of tracks that I made within the last 3 years and basically they are a reflection of my mood! When listening to certain Drum & Bass myself I really can feel my energy growing. This special “euphoric” feeling is something I always try to get into my songs.

Q: What is one Drum and Bass artist that you would like to work with that you haven't had the chance to yet?

A: High Contrast

Q: We like to ask all of our artists at least one technical question... What is your favourite music production software to use and why?

A: Good old Camelphat, I use it on everything, even on my sandwich and in my soup.

Q: Finally, you are on a deserted island…you take your five favourite DNB records with you…what are they?

A: I have more than 5 but some of them I wouldn’t mind listening on a deserted island:

Madmen & Poets – Scandinavian Sunday

Logistics – The Trip

T.E.E.D – Garden (Calibre Remix)

Miike Snow – Black & Blue (Netsky Remix)

DJ Fresh – All that Jazz

We just want to thank you for taking the time for us at DNB◉UNITED RECORDS. We want to wish you luck in all your future endeavors. Music is a gift. Thanks for sharing your's.