United State of Drum and Bass Podcast 002 by BC9

We have just released the 2nd edition of DNB◉UNITED RECORDS official podcast, the United State of Drum and Bass 002! Get your fill of some of the hottest tracks soon to be released, you hear them here first!


1. Shudder (City Souls EP)(Hospital Records) by Hue Hardie

2. Ultraviolet Remix (S.P.Y. Mixtape)(Hospital Records) by S.P.Y.

3. Second Encounter (S.P.Y. Mixtape)(Hospital Records) by S.P.Y.

4. Unfolding (Med School Records) by Etherwood

5. Tokyo Dream (DNB◉UNITED RECORDS) by BC#9

6. Take Me (Room 414)(Med School Records) by The Erised

7. Electricity Will Keep Us Warm (Yikes!)(Hospital Records) by London Elektricity

8. Block Breaker (Sick Music 3)(Hospital Records) by Krakota

9. Rio (Netsky 3)(Hospital Records) by Netsky

10. Tearing Me Apart (City Souls EP)(Hospital Records) by Hue Hardie

11. Loving You Is Easy (Hospital Records) by Camo & Crooked

12. Ill Behavior (Hospital Records) by Danny Byrd

13. Joyride (Metalheadz) by Detboi & Goldie

14. Jungle Music (Fast Jungle Music)(Hospital Records) by Logistics

15. Pulp Fiction (Metalhead Records 1995) by Alec Reese

16. Far Away (Remastered 2015, Original 1992) by Doc Scott

17. Restless (Ten Years of Med School Records) by Rawtekk

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