Metalheadz Artist Scar Presents The Orchyd Project

Scar Presents The Orkyd Project set for release from Metalheadz on July 1, 2016

WOW! Amazing album. Listening to temptation I can hear so many influences including Massive Attack, Portishead and a brand new modern sound that only can be delivered from Scar. The haunting pads and super sonic tronica bottom end forming a solid foundation that supports the musical melodic tones.

The genius way that both organic and electronic instruments take they’re cue and meld together is a producers dream.This is one of the top three release4s within the DNB genre I have reviewed this year to date. Its also worth mentioning that this releases goes beyond the DNB genre and is a crossover success in my opinion. No Limits to this albums success.

The time has come for SCAR to broaden its horizons. As a production duo Survival & Script initially made a name for themselves by supplying rugged dancefloor workouts but there is a much larger story to tell here and with The Orkyd Project album this story will be told. Production collaborations have been kept to an absolute minimum aside from vocal features; Naomi Pryor is the ever present voice of the album with further contributions from Eleanor Higgins and Ray Uptown. The influences for The Orkyd Project shine a further light on the story; from Bill Withers to Massive Attack via Eric B and Rakim. When initial conversations took place between Goldie and SCAR regarding the album Goldie gave the guys full license to create whatever they wanted and what we have been given is a melting pot of 2016 London music. Soul exists beside screw face.