Hospital Records Presents The Future Sound of Holland

The Future Sound Of Holland

Various Artists

The Future sound of Holland. he Future sound of Holland is an excellent release and my favorite of the series to date. When the original birthdate of the genre started is not debated much,but the location is. South Africa, London…I think by showing how DNB has evolved in every country is a much better use of ones time.Hospital Records really has given the listener an incredible opportunity to do just that with each Future Sound release. From the US to the Uk its been a great ride. The Future sound of America brought us the great new sound and talent of Onslow!The Future sound of Brazil was smoking and also featured the new sound of SPY’S brother “Alibi”With every Future sound release I have enjoyed something new and thats what I hope for and look forward to. The Future sound of Holland keeps right in pace with that spirit. Some great artists and new sounds of the growing and changing sound of DNB from the beautiful country I love so much.Proxima -Loose Lights is my favorite banger. Cheers until the next release! BC⚡︎➒

NHS296: 08 July 2016 Bubbling under Holland’s exquisite architecture, art and design is a drum & bass community that’s grown rapidly over the past decade exporting some of the genre’s biggest talents. The likes of Maduk, Noisia, Lenzman and Icicle have set the bar high inspiring a new generation of producers to reach up. ‘The Future Sound of Holland’ EP continues our worldwide series boasting six up and coming talents that have gained the Hospital stamp of approval.

The young and intriguing duo NCT have grown popular after a string of releases on YouTube turned record label phenomenon Liquicity, with a core following roaring from The Netherlands. They join our ‘Future Sound of’ squad with the piano-lead liquid wonder ‘Closure’ featuring Anna-Eva. Proxima flips the switch providing the squelching, snarling half-time track ‘Loose Lights’. He’s no stranger to Hospital with previous release ‘Point Of Focus’ included on Fred V & Grafix’s 2015 ‘Hospital Mixtape’. On a similar tip Posij offers up the fast-on-your-feet, techy, bass thumping track ‘Runner’. Also included are brand new tracks from T & Sugah, Arch Origin and a Vandera remix of Tom Middleton’s ‘WYV AUW CHU’.

Our annual Hospitality showcases at Amsterdam’s cultural club haven Paradiso are a night to look forward to with crowds growing stronger each year. From country to country, city to city our handpicked selections in ‘The Future Sound of’ series connects and celebrates the global reach of drum & bass and plethora of emerging talent that continues to power through.