DNB◉UNITED RECORDS Artist BC#9's Latest Release, Vandergrift


Vandergrift, Pennsylvania, population 5200, is a town in Southwestern, PA. Once home to the largest sheet steel mill in the world, it exists entirely within a peninsula jutting into the Allegheny River. One suspects it also inhabits a place and time within the artist. This is a love song to a memory, or maybe a semi-sweet lament for a simpler time of playful youth. Two vocalizations flow in and out of the music, one sounds, to me at least, like the word Home. From the start, “Vandergrift” demands your immediate attention.

First, the song makes an announcement, after which it drives ,then rests, then drives again. Every seven bars of pounding beats is followed by a soaring interlude that includes a voice that often exclaims…Home. Then, having caught our breath we jump back into the hard driving verse. We repeat the cycle long enough to internalize the sounds and feelings that BC#9 seeks to share with us, at which point we are brought back slowly. “Vandergrift” then ends as it began, only this time announcing itself to the world.

There is a video of “Vandergrift” at DNB UNITED.COM. It’s a compelling montage of real and surreal images that move at the same frenetic pace as the music. The first half of the video invokes the industrial past of its namesake town with a late 20th century sci-fi theme, then pushes into the present and all of its big city consumerism. It’s a wild ride, check it out.

This is a strong entry by an established artist, BC9, and a strong launch for DNB UNITED RECORDS. The label is promising to be a positive force for unity in the often fractious world of musical performance and recording. Let’s face it; the competition sometimes causes us to be our own worst enemies. Cheers to BC9 and DNB United Records, and to all they hope to accomplish in the future.

iTunes Buy link: Vandergrift - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/vandergrift-single/id1095860358