Viper Recordings Artist LoKo's Latest Release, What You Do To Me / Time Flies

At the risk of sounding redundant, this track is dreamy…it starts out wth an ephemeral pad and then a really unique beat drops in…a couple of them, actually. My technical knowledge of what all the parts of these amazing pieces of music are called is basic, compared to some others that review this particular genre. And I say pieces of music because it’s almost an insult to call them songs. Drum and Bass tracks are more complex and diverse than what I usually think of as songs…and this piece of music is definitely not just a song. It’s an epic trip through a landscape of colors, shapes, and motions…so dynamic, I can barely describe it to you.

Imagine, maybe, that you are on one of those rides at an amusement park where you sit down in some sort of car and strap yourself in, and the car starts moving on a track, and you are plunged into darkness as the car starts smoothly gliding through different rooms. The first room is cool and bathed in a pink light, there are some shimmery, sparkly flashes that pass before your eyes as you move through this room, as well as a gentle puff of cool air that makes your face feel fresh and ruffles your hair. Then, the track curves and goes down a little dip, not too steep, but you definitely feel it in the pit of your stomach. It gets a bit warmer. You look around and see a neon-like streak writhing around…a lovely female voice, which we know from our interview with LoKo is a sample that he picked out and manipulated just for this song, for this moment.

Refer back to my refusal to call this a song…it’s a construction, it’s a multi-faceted work of sound. A soundscape. A soundtrack, for a moving life experience. So, back on the ride…another turn, after the vocals float through…and another turn…a gentle gliding corkscrew that takes you down into a sunset colored tunnel, brilliant with reds, golds, silvers and blues…then another one of those drops, like your car is on a giant spring, a hint of a deep, throbbing bass and then the car pauses, bouncing ever so slightly as the female voice enters the tunnel with you…crooning, “you don’t know…what you’re doing to me baby…” and then BAM…a drop that you feel when your stomach flutters and ends up somewhere near your throat…the best part of a good roller coaster, and you are going faster now, the track smooth and the walls and ceiling all around you explode with spheres and circles and globes of brilliant and pulsing color…you throw your arms up, laughing with the rush of it. The car you’re sitting in goes up and down seamlessly in rhythm with the bass and then, she’s back, the voice, and the cool air is back in your face, you’re making a large circle now, all the way around the space, back to the start…slowing down, cruising to a stop, while she sings and the bass growls and the ride is off again and now the colors and shapes all blur together…you never, ever want this ride to end, believe me, it’s a phenomenal sound, an intoxicating feeling, there’s a truly joyous and playful tone to the rest of the piece, and then the pads come back…you’re floating again, and not left with any disappointment that it is over, but just really, really happy you took the ride. Lucky for you, you can hit “play” as many times as you want to, because you’re going to buy this song and have it in your feel-good list for a long, long time. It’s quite a trip. Five stars, I gotta go all the way on this one.

Viper Recordings Review:

First up, ‘What You Do To Me’ wastes no time in showcasing the sheer skill and diversity which has come to define LoKo’s production technique, pairing heavy beats and pulsating basslines with an atmospheric vocal which will put you straight on a high from the get-go. A combination of feel-good vibes and mean basslines make this an instant smash. ‘Time Flies’ packs some powerful punches as a darker, grittier track – a shadowy intro builds suspense before giving way to some seriously impactful sonics which are fearlessly intense from start to finish. This one’ll be keeping ravers firmly on the dancefloor until the early hours with its powerful rhythm and basslines. Original, diverse and loaded with bass, ‘What You Do To Me / Time Flies’ is going to cause some serious waves this summer. Consistently bringing unstoppable energy and epic sounds all round, LoKo is undoubtedly switching up the game with no sign of stopping. LoKo ‘What You Do To Me / Time Flies’ 1. What You Do To Me 2. Time Flies Label: Viper VIP Cat# VPRVIP030 Genre: Drum & Bass Released: 8th July 2016 Buy or Stream: More Info: LoKo Online: