Viper Recordings Artist Smooth's Release, True Grit EP

Smooth has laid a steady foundation with his Drum & Bass productions of late. Between his work as one half of Telekinesis with releases on labels such as Blackout Music, Eatbrain, and Mainframe – along with his last release on Viper, ‘WTF / Revenge’ which wrapped up 2015 with monstrous noise and support from: Wilkinson, Matrix & Futurebound, Calyx & Teebee, TC, Audio, Metrik, Mob Tactics, and more. Starting of 2016, Smooth’s ‘True Grit EP’ brings plenty more dance floor destruction to continue the Slovenian’s mark in D&B. Leading the charge on the EP is ‘True Grit’. With occasional glimpses to the early days of rave, this track is nothing but forward thinking madness. You’ll need bags of energy to keep up with this one as ‘True Grit’ switches, changes and turns and every possible musical turn. Packed to the brim with attitude and balls this one’s not for the faint-hearted. Next up is ‘Eraser’, which opens with a spacey atmospheric intro, only to get stripped back into a chunky underground banger. Going sparse on the riffs and heavy on the low end, ‘Eraser’ is a perfect draw for the early morning sets to get the crowd jumping. Switching gears, ‘Oxygen’ rolls deep with the melodies and high on that feel good liquid vibe. Subtly epic in its own right, ‘Oxygen’ gives us an early peak to the coming summer vibes. It has weight, presence, and the ability to make you tingle all over. Rounding off the EP is ‘Tinnitus’, a condition normally associated with the perception of noise or ringing in the eardrums. Smooth’s version is quite the opposite. After a brief intro, the full impact is laid out for all to bear witness, thundering drums and a huge bassline. A peak time dancefloor weapon has definitely been created here.

SMOOTH ‘True Grit EP’

1. True Grit

2. Eraser

3. Oxygen

4. Tinnitus

Label: Viper Recordings

Cat: VPR087

Genre: Drum & Bass

Released: 27th May 2016

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