Metalheadz Artist Beta 2's Next Release The Beats In Between Ep

The Beats Inbetween grabs me strait away as I listen to the first track “The one that got me" feat. Suzanne Purcell” The tracks mechanical drum beat falls into a repetitive beat that carries the phasing pads above that lead into the muted pianos random notes like a well timed etherial scene of hypnotic scenery created by the combination. What is the pleasant surprise is the female vocals by featured vocalist Suzanne Purcell that add a cascading dream like sequence that is the prelude in whats to come with the heavy drop that begins a tribal jungle like sound scape mixed with modern day industrial cracks , accents as the commanding driven darker forces that play in absolute harmony so right and professionally mixed that it never sounds added artificially later. This was produced by a well seasoned producer and engineer with the salt to take calculated chances that work with out no hesitation. Deep sub bass bottom hits and winding grooves that make me shutter at my dest at 4:00am as I write this review and wish my family wasn’t home so I could crank it up to a suitable level beyond my headphones.

The rest of the EP follows suit perfectly with “ Black Dahila" dropping in with its first minor chord on the piano matched with the creeking and aching wooden timber of the upright bass. Then out of the underbelly a real fucking howling wolf under a fog filled night with an illuminating moon shining down like a old black n white noir film from the early days of such as “Touch of evil” by Orson Wells” A well composed cinematic soundscape awaits the listener .DNB & Jungle lovers ready to take his or her late night drive with just this track and the moonlit highway ahead will need no directions nor destination for this trip.

This is a journey - period!

The remaining two tracks kick up the tempo and going a bit more for the sharp curves on that drive your taking. Do your self a favor First buy the EP. Second gain access to a vehicle. Third and most important turn the EP’s volume up on a suitable sound system in your whip and press the gas pedal and experience this full EP as I first did at 3:00am with just me and the back roads that led me to a personal experience of being one with the auto and the music and yes the power of the night. I rate Metalheadz “The Beats In-between” 5 Stars. Once in a while a release come along that sets itself apart in everyday from every other release and will remain timeless because of the production style and instrument choices.The blend of both Organic and electronic instruments and soundscapes is nothing short of a masterpiece. I also feel that Thom Yorke & the rest of Radiohead would be well guided to take notice and add this one to their collections inspirational releases of late.


Beta 2 - The Beats In-between will be available August 4th. For now, enjoy our exclusive mini mix on The United State of Drum and Bass Radio.