Viper Recordings Artist Loko's Exclusive United State Of DNB Desert Island Remix







After DNB◉UNITED.COM exclusive interview with Viper recordings artist Loko we asked the artist to give DNB◉UNITED.COM his go-to list of 5 must have DNB Albums if stranded on a desert island. This is a standard question that Jason Bakes & Adam Vinsant of DNB◉UNITED RECORDS have always wanted to include in every interview, since their first interview at the launch of the website in March of 2016, which were with with Maduk and Dj MalcolmMx of The music that each artist listens to is as important as the music they create, and is often a birds eye view into what inspires the artists evolving sound. After the first interview, it was decided that DNB◉UNITED.COM would have each artist interviewed going forward follow up his or her answers with an exclusive mix created for DNB◉UNITED.COM from those five desert island picks. DNB◉UNITED.COM is proud to bring you our debut desert island mix, exclusively from one of our favorite DNB artists “Loko” of Viper Reordings. Big ups to Maria at Viper for all of her support in making it happen as well. On behalf of the staff at The United State Of DNB Radio, we want to tip our hats to LoKo for this incredible mix which we are giving our highest rating...5 Stars of DNB Excellence award!



Check out our incredible interview with Viper's Loko here. 



Track list:


Pendulum - Girl In The Fire - Hold Your Colour 
Commix - Strictly - Call To Mind
Ed Rush & Optical - Kerb Crawler - The Brazilian Job
Matrix & Futurebound - Rat Trap - Universal Truth 
Pendulum - Slam - Hold Your Colour 
Commix - Belleview - Call To Mind
Origin Unknown - Belive - The Brazilian Job
Pendulum - Another Planet - Hold Your Colour 
Trinity - Picture On The Wall - The Brazilian Job
High Contrast - Angel & Fly - High Society 
High Contrast - Breif Encounter - High Society 
Pendulum - Sounds Of Life - Hold Your Colour 
Matrix & Futurebound - Skyscraper - Universal Truth 
Hatiras Vs J Majik - Spaced Invasion - The Brazilian Job
Commix - Change - Call To Mind
Fernando Porto - Sambassim (Marky VIP Mix) - The Brazilian Job
Matrix & Futurebound - The Edge - Universal Truth 
Commix - How You Gunna Feel - Call To Mind
High Contrast - Racing Green - High Society 
Matrix & Futurebound - American Beauty - Universal Truth 
Uncut - Midnight - The Brazilian Job
Commix - Satellite Type 2 - Call To Mind
Pendulum - Tarantula - Hold Your Colour 
Pendulum - The Terminal - Hold Your Colour 
Shimon - Hush Hush - The Brazilian Job
Futurecut - The Specialist - The Brazilian Job
High Contrast - Basement Track - High Society 
Shy FX - Shake Your Body - The Brazilian Job
Marky & XRS - LK - The Brazilian Job 




















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