Med School Artist Anile's Upcoming Release Allergens EP

Anile’s latest EP" Allergens" is a modern-day liquid DNB EP thats first track “Your Way” includes such interesting instruments that add a unique color and texture of sounds like the chimes of a delayed glockenspiel that float through the mix. At times in the past decade liquid DNB for some DNB entusiests meant elevator music compared to the hammer of the sub bass drops and mind blowing and bone crunching darker side of the genre. DNB is evolving though. We true audiophiles that go deep with DNB from the beginning and listen to all the labels artists know that DNB in the past 10 years has been growing in its diversity of all its sub genres sounds and production approach. When the second track Allergens drops and that reese bass crawls up your legs like a snake its sound is much darker than the first track and thats the eclectic nature of where DNB has found itself in todays modern artists heart and souls. There is no rule saying you can’t write beautiful angelic melodies that are supported by killer dark erie baselines that evolve into a super kewl downtempo liquid DNB track that embodies both the light and dark sounds that are more complex and sophisticated than the liquid DNB of yesteryear. The continued musical journey i am taken own while listening to the rest of the EP is pleasing and holds my interest both with the beats and the euphoric landscapes that truly do allow me at times to feel as if I’m floating above the songs sounds and comfortably numb to borrow a phrase. Anile's take a nice collection of instruments of both organic and electronic and proved and incredible modern day DNB EP that I for one will keep in my decks for days and especially nights ahead. -- Jason Bakes CEO/FOUNDER OF DNB◉UNITED RECORDS / THE UNITED STATE OF DNB/

Anile stepped out of the shadows in 2015 with his brilliant debut album ‘Perspective’ now he’s back with another beautifully textured, deeply hypnotic set of tracks in the ‘Allergens’ EP. His futuristic jungle style snakes through haunting sonic sounds, enthralling sub bass and metallic snares. ‘Your Way’ is another example of the class and quality Anile originates. His intelligent use of space and structure clears the mind with dark grooves and compelling creative flare. Title track ‘Allergens’ infects the ear-ways with manic bee buzzing snares and low-frequency basslines - one to get the 3AM hearts racing. Strong percussion patterns make up the backdrop for a variety of jazzy, melodic elements all loosely connected to create an emotional and ethereal track three, ‘Wish List’. ‘Velvet Glove’ runs in the same vein with a soulful vocal bringing an element of vulnerability to the EP.

Allergens EP will be available in September 2016 on Med School Records.