T & Sugah -Stones Premiere on DNB United Q&A

  • Who are T & Sugah? Can you tell us your names, ages, etc.?

Robin & Philippe, both 23 years and living in the Netherlands! Apart from that we both like long walks on the beach, romantic candlelight dinners and obviously some drum & bass……

  • When was the dynamic duo T & Sugah formed?

We started T & Sugah at NYE 2012, however back than we made dubstep and house. About a year later we found our true love and started producing drum & bass.

  • What is Holland’s Drum and Bass scene like?

Healthy & growing! Every weekend you can find multiple smaller and bigger parties throughout the country. Next to that there are also events like Liquicity that take it to a whole other level with their festival! Playing at Liquicity’s Summer Festival was definitely one of the highlights of the summer!

  • When you decided to bring live Drum and Bass to the tulip-filled streets surrounding the warehouses and clubs of an almost fairy-tale like country, how was the music received locally?

Playing at the local (often underground) DnB events was a great experience, the crowd loved the music and went nuts right from the start.

However it gets interesting when playing on the more “mainstream” events.

Very often drum & bass is still considered as “underground music” so naturally some crowds find it rather weird since they haven’t heard it before. We consider this as a challenge, trying to gift wrap the music we love in such a way that these people can understand the music as well.

That way the genre can grow and reach more people!

  • Your track Stones that you produced exclusively for Viper’s Summer Slammers release is an awesome tune. What was the inspiration for this track specifically?

We made this track after our trip to the French Alps. We were really amazed by the rocky and icy environment of the glaciers there. The way we finished up the track was inspired by this trip. A lot of the background sounds and risers have an icy/harsh feel. This is combined with heavy bass sounds representing the rocks/mountains. We also found a couple of beautiful “Stones” there, that’s where the name came from!

  • What are your recording and performing goals for 2016?

We’re working on a whole bunch of new tracks, including some stuff for Viper! Also we wanna expand our borders and do more international shows.

Next to that we launched our own label “High Tea Music” this year, we’re planning on taking the label as well as the label nights to the next level over the course of this year!

  • I noticed that you appear on over 6 major Drum and Bass labels. Are you looking for a home label to hang your headphones on in the future?

  • Atm we are more in a scouting phase, not necessary looking for a place to settle down for now. But yeah, you never know when a label makes you an offer you can’t refuse!

  • We love Viper Recordings for a multitude of reasons. What was your experience like working with them?

With Viper it feels a bit like a family, all the guys are friendly and the team is super helpful. Brendan (Futurebound) has an ear for detail and always gives us top notch feedback. This is the kind of environment an artist needs in order to grow!

  • Every Drum and Bass artist interviewed on DNBUNITED.COM has taken part in our ‘desert island challenge’, and we would like you to join! If you found yourself stranded on a desert island, and had only five Drum and Bass albums to take with you, what would they be? Please answer separately…

Philippe, this is a hard one! But my personal favo’s would be:

Metrik – Universal Language

The Prototypes – City of Gold

Camo & Krooked – Zeitgeist

Wilkinson – Lazers Not Included

And obviously:

Summer Slammers 2016 ;)

Robin, I would go for these 5 album:

Pendulum – Immersion

Sub Focus – Sub Focus

Netsky - II

The Prototypes – City of Gold

Camo & Krooked – Zeitgeist

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