So, let me first say that I'm a big fan of both Six Blade and A.M.C. as individual artists. Both are respected DNB producers worldwide. Their most recent single, "Rock N’ Ride”, is Six Blade & A.M.C.’s forthcoming contribution to Titans “5 Years of Titans" release, Part 2. This track is packed with heart-pounding drums and dark, bending, gritty bass that just makes you want more. This team is a blast furnace of DNB. They are certainly not a one trick pony, though. This dynamic duo can deliver both the dark as well as the liquid, melodic, beautiful styles of DNB. Teaming up between 2013 and 2014, the Brighton based producers released such previous chart crushers as Try Again / Killa /Strangers and Punks on Vipers VIP label. Now ready to drop and smokin' hot is the “Hardest To Love / Ova Dose EP” from these two DNB masters from Viper Recordings.The first track , “Hardest To Love”, starts playing after I hit the play button on my decks, and the beautiful sound of synth pads emanated from my monitors, lifting me to a dream like, atmospheric state . As I wait with anticipation of what's to follow,the incredible voice of Ayah Marar comes through...crisp and clean like a light through the fog at night. Wow, this track has musical legs, no doubt, but when you add that voice, the intended message cries out to the listener so well. It is comforting, in a strange way. Ayah Marar’s heart and soul are one with the song and it wraps around you as you listen like the voice of a dark angel, beautiful. Switching gears to the next track... if the first track was the velvet glove, then the second track would be the iron fist. Ova Dose attacks you straight out of the gate, with a growling build up that takes you to the first break. The voice asks, “Are you ready?” followed by a layering of industrial beats, grinding bass and the triggered sound of a dark underground paradise. When I listened to the song the first time, my first thought was that this would make a great soundtrack for a action film. Ova Dose has such cinematic value and so many interactive parts that it keeps you moving with the sound and the vision it creates. I would rate this a five star release for many reasons. Well done! Jason Bakes DNB◉UNITED.COM Released: 12th Aug 2016 Buy or Stream: https://viper.lnk.to/vpr092