Ownglow / A Walk To Remember EP

At at the anniversary of the 300th Hospital podcast at the Work Bar in London, Tony Coleman a/k/a London Elektricity debuted Ownglows “Angels Sing" and "Stress and Strain” to a packed house of artists, industry pros and other labels. That Hospital reached their 300th podcast milestone was an impressive feat, setting the bench mark for us all. The fact that lots of Hospital and Med Schools artists showed up, in person, from all over Europe was an unexpected added bonus. The Hospital podcast has been almost single-handedly responsible for spreading the awareness and understanding of the Drum and Bass genre worldwide. Some notable highlights from the celebrated event…special guests included Netsky, who announced that he is taking his show on the road to America. On the heels of this third release, simply titled Three, Netsky announced his ambitious plan to take Drum and Bass to The United States, planning apparently to relocate to Los Angeles. By a stroke of pure coincidence, one of Hospital’s most exciting new artists, Ownglow, showed up at the celebration to promote his latest release. Two of his brand new songs were played at the event. First, "Angels Sing”, a song written on a train ride from San Diego to Los Angeles, followed by a song called "Stress and Strain" In an interesting twist, while Netsky departs England for America, Ownglow left Flagstaff, Arizona at the age of 17 to relocate to London in order to be closer to the native ground of the sound of Drum and Bass. Featured on The Future Sound of America, Ownglow was asked what inspired him to become a Drum and Bass producer. His response was one song, one artist…"Beautiful Lies" by B-Complex. This act just smashed it at Brixton. Who says girls don’t rock?

Ownglow’s journey began back in the hot deserts of Flagstaff, Arizona where the breathtaking San Francisco Peaks first inspired his debut EP ‘A Walk To Remember’. By infusing any sound around him Ownglow’s style breathes a rare and raw quality into drum & bass from snares of forest sticks, white noise of high school hallways, crashing waves of San Diego beaches and samples of a Six Flags rollercoaster.The EP follows Ownglow on his path so far. A gorgeous fluttering vocal in ‘Angels Sing’ reflects the beautiful views of the Pacific Surfliner journey that he took while writing the track. All the way to ‘The Night Is Still Young’ pieced together - with another exciting young talent Blake - after a night out at one of east London’s drum & bass residencies.Ownglow’s ambition left him to pick up and leave home at 15. While sofa-surfing around LA he realized his love for electronic music and the dream of working with Hospital Records. Since then he’s immersed himself in the world of drum & bass making a huge move to the UK.In the last two years his feet have barely touched the ground playing sets on USA soil, sold-out UK venues and summer festival stages. Now he’s found a new home in Forest Hill just a walk from the Hospital Records studio where he put the finishing touches on all four tracks and the self-designed record sleeve of his exciting and pivotal debut release.Ownglow is back with the new 'A Walk To Remember' EP, featuring this absolute gem of a tune.Support:

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