Dom & Roland - Last Refuge Of A Scoundrel *FULL ALBUM* Metalheadz

This album is a jewel for both drum+bass lovers and Jungliest’s. First thing that hits your ears is that signature Goldie inspired Metalheadz production sound. This is reminiscent of the 90’s sound and style. But in no way dated in its attempt to have a modern quality all its own by design. This is a landmark release by all measures for Dom & Roland. Track 12 “Steam” really moved me with its blending of everything I love about Dom’s technique of blending their original style and trademark sound with this new and evolving place in the world of DNB & Jungle. Dom is included on the impressive list of Metalheadz charter members. Important side note when I listen to this release from the first track to the last I know straight away who the artist is and what label released it from that Mtealheadz signature production style & quality.You know as well who that the artist is Dom based on his one of a kind original sound. Theres nothing else out there today that you can say sounds like him. In the world of DNB today there is a lot of “canned as ham" artists that all sound the same. To be truly original and be recognized right away by being able to nail down your own sound and brand with a label that has a production sound that is equally as recognizable is truly having it all covered. 5 Stars Jason Bakes DNB◉UNITED RECORDS / DNB◉UNITED.COM.

The whispers have been building gradually for Dom & Roland’s album for Metalheadz and now we’re very happy to be able to reveal the sampler for the project. The sampler kicks off with Sirens Song feat Robert Manos, typically cinematic work from Dom with Robert Manos’ trademark vocals, the drum work is some of Doms finest to date. Tone Poem has been a highlight of Goldie’s sets for the last few months and it's easy to see why: big bass and lashing drums make this one an instant wheel up.

Dom & Roland- Tone Poem (Last Refuge Of A Scoundrel Sampler) *Pre-Order Now*

1. Dom & Roland - Sirens Song feat. Robert feat. Robert Manos (Original Mix) [Drum & Bass]

2. Dom & Roland - Tone Poem (Original Mix)

3. Dom & Roland - Inna Soul Jah (Original Mix)

4. Dom & Roland - King of the Hustlers (Original Mix)

5. Dom & Roland - Through The Rays (Original Mix)

6. Dom & Roland - A New Renegade (Original Mix)

7. Dom & Roland - Innersense (Original Mix)

8. Dom & Roland - Sacrifice feat. Natalie Duncan (Original Mix)

9. Dom & Roland - Rockers (Original Mix)

10. Dom & Roland - Outcast (Original Mix)

11. Dom & Roland - DMT feat Hive (Original Mix)

12. Dom & Roland - Steam (The Final Chapter) (Original Mix)