So it’s really hard to pick which song is my favorite between the two releases on this new EP Frankee. With “Clap your hands” You have this dance floor crusher filled with beautiful energy and light matched with a true clap track that causes an immediate sensation that makes me want to clap my hands and dance.Then the B Side “Love & Peace” with its gorgeous intro chords and what sounds like an announcement coming through the public speakers underground while waiting for the Tube to take you to your desired destination. There are a loop of reversed soundscapes that layer the songs atmospheric blend of digital arrangements. The foundation of the drum and bass are solid and feature a classic Jungly wobble bass that bends as it slips in and out of the song perfectly. Shining through are they jangly bright noted sounds of the keys that almost sold like a glockenspiel taking you to a euphoric dreamy like place.All these sounds together with its polished production create a cinematic visual type audio jorney on which you can close your eyes and let go and just enjoy the ride. I rate this Ep a strong 5 Stars! Jason Bakes Founder / CEO DNB◉UNITED RECORDS / DNB◉UNITED.COM.