INVISIBLE Invisible 021 Various Artists EP (OUT NOW)

This is such a tight album from start to finish. I was taken straight away with the Current Value’s Impact. I love the menacing, stabbing synth and those dark power chords that strike out till it all drops. Then, mind bending twists and turns follow. This is triple A gaming music for me. I also road tested this album while driving late at night. Perfect is the only word to describe it. Taking the turns during the blackness of night, while having all 600 horses powering your soundtrack is one of my favorite ways to listen to a release like this. Into the second track by Dauntless, Geomancy keeps it grinding and delivers a layered approach to this atmospheric track that gives as much visually as it does to your audio experience. I love the bass that goes through many forms of texture and color. Wobble to a break, and the song is given time to breathe and develop a little more. Then my favorite comes up next. Perebor, wow this track has been living in my decks for the last week! The maturity in the way that this song was produced is mind blowing. Rarely in DNB today does a track come along in which the producer allows for this type of space to let the song bleed. Between breaks, there is as much in the silence as there is given to the music that follows. Lastly, Tradecraft takes it home. There are not enough good things that I could write about these releases. Listen to the bass on Tradecraft alone and you’ll understand why the album stands alone in a year of releases that could learn a lot from just listening to this album over and over. Hats off to all the artists and Invisible Records for making it all possible.

Jason Bakes

Available on digital and 2 x 12” vinyl