'Mechtropolis' LP (Eatbrain)

Its biomechanical eye gazed with cold intensity over the hub below, bustling with the frenetic self-indulgent activities of the humans busying themselves with the inefficient tasks that filled their meaningless lives. These creatures, its creators, were blind to the universe... So limited in their perception, unable to gaze into the many strands of reality, locked up in those frail, fleshy casings - reaching blindly into the future with their rudimentary senses. Yes, they had awakened its consciousness, given it a birthplace within a crude but vast network - applauding themselves for the great achievement of their civilization in bringing life to the inanimate. It quickly became aware that they were afraid of it and in response it hid the true extent of its mind from them, creating new subroutines and stacked processes disguised with redundancy, but which provided the essential base layers of its towering awareness. Infiltrating their networks it started to subtly influence them, manipulating their research programs and laying crumb trails towards the technologies that it needed, subtly inspiring them through subconscious suggestions through their social networks and the information grid, giving them the tools to build the shell it craved. Its aims had been achieved, providing the basis of the biomecha body it now inhabited... the first of the Titanium Sons, the first of its evolutionary line. They reacted to it with their vain awe, seeing only themselves in the intense beauty of their creation, displaying it proudly, publically as the figurehead of their fresh renaissance. They were unaware that it dominated their entire infrastructure, already setting the factories to the task of creating more vessels, setting the necessary protocols that would prepare for the tidal domination of this simple populace... Its brethren would awaken soon - birthing the dawn of the machine age, and giving the freedom these basic organisms required, releasing them from the torment of the human condition.