Strictly for the heads, this next EP from Slang Banger presents why this supergroup of veterans are becoming notorious within the dimly lit underground world. Bringing together three heavyweights in old-school production, they have a huge portfolio of experience between them; from Pixelfist and Resonant Evil to Inasin and Afghan Headspin, these guys have already dominated the scene over the past fifteen years. And together, they wreak havoc on Ram’s sister label Program with brand new release ‘Locations’.Channeling the same vibe which has been prevalent throughout their first output on Program, ‘Locations’ merges modern-day production standards with the dark undertones of the late 90s and early 2000s. broody, unrelenting and angrily set up, first track ‘Hoxton’ exemplifies this sound. With smashing breaks and metallic drum beats, it pushes through spikes of snare to climb you up even further into each climatic drop. Slang Banger are here to remind you of an era that saw some of the genre’s greatest etch out its history. And they’re here to continue it.‘Rhythm Station’ is lumbering yet filled with power between each layer of sound. If you didn’t think the cascading breaks which filter throughout its first segment weren’t devastating enough, midway you’re dropped into all-out war. Slang Banger’s weaponry shoots at you from all angles and you’re unable to remove yourself from a cataclysm of jaunty beats and cutting stabs. A crunchy roller that offers no mercy, Slang Banger bring a whole new meaning to a dancefloor ignition. Filing out next is ‘Sterns’. One that’s been lining the sets in some of Europe’s most notorious clubs, creepily distorted sample brings you into its realm. Between smashing drums and moodily tight composition, fluctuating note patterns give you a slight reprieve before you’re thrown back into the deep end. It’s driving yet still dynamic… A sure-fire anthem for darker seasons. Rounding up all four cuts, ‘Roller Express’ plays out exactly as you’d imagine. It’s a journey, one which takes you from start to finish on top of warbling bass and clinking hi-hats. Tinny drums take you deeper into the mix, with female vocal dipping in and out of its percussion. Demonstrating another dimension of their skillset, Slang Banger prove a versatile trio with no signs of slowing down.It’s time to get with the Program… Because either way, Slang Banger are about to take you prisoner as soon as that play button is pushed.

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