MethLab Audeka // Lost Souls LP (MethLab)

When an artist begins to see a new work of art in their mind, I imagine that it starts a lot like the songs on Lost Souls by Audeka started. The artwork that accompanies this musically dark and atmospheric set of songs is also dark, and suggestive of a vision that promises to contain mysterious shadows and unseen things around unexpected corners. A blank canvas, or sheet of paper, or wall beckons to an artist with infinite possibilities, but there is a moment when it becomes just right to pick up a tool and choose a medium, and turn it into something. To start, that first choice…whether to pick up a brush, or a stick of charcoal, or a metal-tipped ink pen…it can sneak up on you and feel like a fully formed thought, even when the artist hasn’t put any conscious thought into it. This is how this music feels to listen to…it’s seamless and if crashes onto the shore of your ears as a wave, all at once, but made up of many things, depending on where you turn your attention…there are swirling eddies of different currents, foamy edges, pulsing rhythms. Just like when the canvas is primed, and you touch your brush, heavy with a burden of black paint, to the surface just so, and create the first swath of a background, the first curve of a figure, and watch the image emerge. There are a lot of tracks on Lost Souls, and they are not redundant, not repetitive in any way, but they all do mesh into an image, like the cover art…light and dark, thin and wispy then heavy and full, twinkling flashes of detail with bold swathes of form, and it comes together in it’s separate aspects in a skillful and really artistic way. It is the kind of music that you have to listen to over and over, because you can’t help but hear something new, or hear the pieces fall together in a new way, every time. Audeka definitely defies easy categorization, and that, to me, makes them stellar. Lost Souls is a work that will stay with you and meet a lot of different needs, set a lot of different moods, and inspire a lot of feelings. A real work of art. Xtene Sixtene DNB◉UNITED.COM

There will come to exist a forgotten future land - a time and place where technology is indistinguishable with magic and black science is pursued by those who would wish to unlock the secrets of reality. In the depths of the planet’s darkest night, whilst the village of Ethrane slept in the embrace of the mountains above - a trio of explorers of the veil between dimensions were about to break the barrier between this universe and the next…

It was the sprawling face of black eternity that greeted them, spilling through the rift and eviscerating them - flooding through the deep tunnels of their order’s bunker and up into the cold, free night. It moved swiftly, sleekly positioned between dimensions and descending upon the village below. Rapidly it fed - blinking the unaware citizens with precision across time and space with its bleak fields, displacing their purest and most prime out of existence and across the dimensional skein.

Following up acclaimed releases on respected labels Bad Taste and Terminal, US production trio Audeka present their debut 'Lost Souls' LP on MethLab Recordings. 3 years in the making – these 15 tracks take listeners on a diverse journey through incredible sound design crossing drum and bass, dubstep, techno and experimental genres - sometimes hard-hitting, other times verdant and lush, always with a deep appreciation for complex structure and texture. Featured by UKF and supported by Noisia and Moody Good – the Lost Souls LP represents a firm step into the sphere of electronic music, demonstrating the depth of Audeka’s diverse and unique vision.

The 15 tracks of the LP tell a story of a warrior crossing dimensions to confront a powerful dark force that took his people – a quest to be re-united with his love. Each track is accompanied by a unique illustration from revered alternative artist SHVLFCE, as well as a narrative released through the MethLab social media channels and soundcloud over the weeks up until the release date.

Published on Sep 5, 2016

Taken from Audeka's Lost Souls LP, forthcoming on MethLab Recordings on 23rd September. Follow UKF Dubstep on Spotify: Audeka Like → Follow → Listen → MethLab Like → Follow → Listen → ... » Connect with UKF Facebook (Dubstep Page) → Twitter → Snapchat → ukfmusic Spotify → SoundCloud → Website → Sign up to the Newsletter → Submit your demo →