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RAWTEKK RELOADED, no joke, it is reloaded, and they fired the bullet the first time, so this is part 2! Imagine taking all of the best things that you have ever done, then doing them all five times better in one hour. Yeah, Rawtekk Reloaded is like that. Many of their best works have been brought together and fitted in a new, and in many cases, more aggressive style. Check out the pre-release on their soundcloud and test it for yourself!

I cannot stress enough how cool and how much more appreciation you will have if you look up the original track and compare it with the newer reloaded versions. It’s clear to see their tastes and artistic developments from then to now.

Distaste currently winds up much faster, getting you on your feet. Rhythms are formed and sent flying immediately. Seteoized bass rips apart your ears, giving you an enormous sense of space and excitement.

Cold has a sound to me that is literally cold, as if you were in an industrial building in the arctic attempting to get out under pressure of destruction. You hear a hardstyle beat begin to beat over and over leading in a neurofunk style section rising back into that beat! Coming back relentlessly it fuses with the section before forming a symmetry that ties all the themes embedded in the song together!

They Come For Us needs no explanation, simply listen and you will hear the artist's intentions, no review will capture the genius of this track. It is an experience. The intro is one of the best in the land of drum and bass with character and suspense perfectly fusing into the rise and drop. From there it is a simple thing to dance, the music will tell you what to do. If you want a real experience play this track on the biggest system you can find and then stand at least twenty feet back with the system on max and let the full glory of it hit you on another level.

Up next is Rule of Thumb. In drum and bass there is a special place for those who know the power of sub bass, and Rawtekk knows it well. The subs form basses and give textures that are often sorely missed in many tracks today simply because mixes are made for smaller systems. Not here! Everytime I hear a track by Rawtekk it is very easy to get lost in the amazing power he has to utilize basses that ravage each other as they shift and morph into yet a new bass! Effects are used in a very tasteful way as always!

Snekkersten has the lo-fi sound at its core. Minimalists beware, you may have found your favorite track! Space, silence, and the thinness of all the textures are the geniuses of this track. You feel so much room, yet are satisfied. A very unique sound is here, and it's easy for even the newest of listeners to hear. Also, I cannot express how cool many of Rawtekks fills are!

Your Game takes a huge turn in style having rock vibes but screaming drum and bass all the way!

Rollercase, you read that right, rollercase, not rollercoaster. Boing, boing, boing is heard throughout the song. Listen and you will know what I mean. A very unique dance tune.

Rising prepare the flangers and the high pass filter! We are rising! It’s no secret that where there is high pass bass will follow!

Rawtekk has a thing for unique tracks and The Fork is a great example of one. It has a drone that rises and fills until overflowing, giving rise to drum and bass. You hear samples of an ethnic sort but share the staple drum and bass beat. Saw waves of the distorted sort and all manner of comb filter ensue with some amazingly cool filtered bass fills! If you have a thing for morphing, glitching, filter talking bass sounds then take a listen!

Finishing out this release is the monstrosity Stretch Pack. It holds place as the last song, the big enchilada of the release and rightly so. It may be the last thing your ears need to hear….ever. Picture a pack of T-Rexs run through downtown LA and ripping everything apart! That is pretty much this track. It’s that good. The bass sings with mid and high content and forward movement making it seem as if it is talking to you, moments of rest and fills of vitality are fluid in this track.

Overall, you may need to listen to this release once a day, maybe twice from now on. The artistry and experimentation is astounding! The basses are unique and fit each track, and the mixing is incredible and suits each song. Not only this, but the songs all flow as a group giving you breaks, and excitement allowing for an organic listening experience. Top notch and congratulations to Rawtekk!

Rawtekk present 'Reloaded Pt. 2' - the 2nd part of their retrospective, showcasing their best material to date - revised, reimagined, redefined and remastered. Taking the timeless ideas of these tracks, evolving them and bringing them firmly into the present sounding fresher than ever. Rawtekk stand as one of the most diverse and forward-thinking live acts of today, combining the sublime otherworldly vocals of Eisblume with the consistently unique sound design of the production duo. The last 4 years have seen them create a pair of seminal LPs in the form of 'Sprouted & Formed' and 'Here's To Them' for Medschool, with Rawtekk exploring new territories sometimes experimental and heavy, other times light and airy - but always with an absolute commitment to stretching the borders of what's possible. The Reloaded series marks the crossing of a border into a new era for the duo, with deadly new material incoming - it's a perfect time to offer a hand to the past and evolve it to have a place in the present.

Release on the 9/29/16




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