Various Artists - New Blood 2016 / Med School Records

New Blood of 2016 brings out artist seeking to innovate in the genre of drum and bass presenting new sounds and styles to delight your ears. With creative atmospheric breakdowns and silence used in creative ways you will find a great listen inside this release. What is so awesome about this release is the sheer amount of variation you receive. Hard and Heavy then light and transparent. You will find samples such as water droplets used in ways you perhaps did not know could happen before. You will find the good ol Amen break and the normal liquid with vocals like silk.A great highlight to releases like this is the chance for discovery. Out of all the artist in the world of DnB these are the ones that have stuck to their dream and worked every day to get past the stage of finding a label, which is no easy feat. Not just any label either, but it is MED SCHOOL!Many of these tracks are on the chill side creating a relaxing atmosphere of guitars, voice, drums and sub bass. Such as Magnetism, Weather Change, Peace, and Far Away. In these and others you are invited to sit back relax, close your eyes and enter the world of audio in a way you may have not done before.Hard tracks are present as well such as Waterbombs and Hardware. Here you will find resampled, distorted, angry growling basses that speak in a rhythmic way. Techstep, neruofunk, and more are of course in the barrage of sound! Through the Night, Magic Flute, and Everything are all great examples. Take a step into the future, or past (its your choice) as you hear the sounds of minimalist machinery and technological advance.Congrats to the artists and their creations! As a whole the LP flows and gets your New Blood Pumping!

Med School’s philosophy to seek out and champion fresh talent continues with the return of the pivotal ‘New Blood’ compilation series. The A+R division has examined every strand of drum & bass DNA, selecting a flawless formula of boundary pushing artists who are set to be key players in the progression of the genre.Former 'New Blood' graduates include Etherwood, Synkro, Enei, Hospital Records' Urbandawn, Med School’s most recent signing Frederic Robinson and many more since the series' creation in 2010.The 17-track LP offers a true international perspective of the genre with producers from Ukraine, Italy, Australia, Japan, Canada, Estonia, Russia and the UK showcasing a myriad of influences, club nights and collectives that are vital in keeping the D+B bloodline pumping all over the world.Tap into ‘ ew Blood 016' for an influx of originality, obscurity and most crucially an insight into the future of worldwide drum & bass. Congrats to the artists and their creations! As a whole the LP flows and gets your New Blood Pumping!

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