I love your new EP so much. I pictured you in the studio recording a great mix, and after falling into an unexpected groove that was so wicked, someone shouted “Bounce That”! Is that close to what happened, or was the track "Bounce That” designed before you recorded it?

As the track had a kinda bouncy feel, I looked for a bouncy vocal. Originally it said “Bounce That Booty” but I dropped the “Booty” bit because it made me cringe a bit when I played it out. I also added a few different “Bounce” vocals from different sources to add some variety.

War is such a banger. Where did the inspiration for this track come from?

It’s quite an angry track so I thought war made sense, although you could argue that war never makes sense!

Where was this release recorded?

It was recorded in my home studio using the DAW Bitwig, a Mac Pro and Focal monitors with the matching sub.

How do feel your current sound and your production skills as a DNB artist have matured since your last release?

Probably feeling more comfortable with what I’m doing, getting everything dialled in better and knowing what works or doesn’t work with less trial and error.

What was your most enjoyable moment in the studio while recoding this EP?

Always the same with any track. It’s the bit where you’ve got your initial idea down and you’re flying through writing the track, right up to the around 95% done stage, when it all slows down a bit again lol.

Will there be a full release to follow the EP in the near future?

Yes there’s another single from my album which will be released very soon and the full album will be released after that.

What is your favorite DNB release of 2016?

Hard to pick a favourite, but pretty much everything by Audio has been standard in my sets.

What have you come to appreciate the most about recording with Ram Records?

The guys who work at the label, they all work real hard and do a great job!

Who would you like to collaborate with, if you had the opportunity?

Liam Howlett

Other than DNB, what is your second most listened to genre of music at home?

Anything else! Although I’m usually getting force fed chart music by my kids.

Over the last few years, the genre of DNB is growing and evolving rapidly into a much wider group of sub-genres. With even more commercial style, lyrical based DNB especially is starting to gain a much larger audience than ever before. What are some of the most positive changes within DNB you’ve experienced over the last three years as an artist?

I’m sure there are some across the board but I can’t think of any personally.

We ask all artists we interview this signature question-If you were on a deserted island and had to choose your top 5 DNB Albums to have with you, what would they be?






Hamilton’s new EP is hot, to say the least! The first track, Bounce, hit me in the chest like a Buick! My mom drives a Buick. Old school, too. That car doesn’t have a steering wheel, it has a rudder! LOL. When I was home a few years ago on holiday, I used that tank to pick up other family members coming in from the airport, and when i pulled up to other cars at traffic lights I swear, they all just moved over a little. Bounce from Hamilton is like that. This track will break the floor at any club, for sure. It’s an audio assault that just defies the listener to want to engage in the songs beat. Once I finished that track, I hear War next, and if you didn’t know you were listening to Hamilton's new EP, you would definitely think the TV was on, playing a horror movie soundtrack...right where the person in the movie meets her worst nightmare and all hell breaks loose. This tracks name is appropriate, after we imagine what it would sound like if actual war had a soundtrack. It's psychodrama and mayhem, with a cinematic, visual quality that allows the listener to take a mental journey with the writer through the thick of it. Hamilton has the salt to make you scream for more and more, as he cuts down all enemies in his path. I plan to do several things with this EP as my soundtrack. I liked it so much that i included it on this months edition of DNB United’s podcast “The United State Of DNB”, because it’s so kick ass that on this three day holiday weekend in the US I wanted to share it with all our listeners at home and abroad. Well done!

Celebrating his 20th year in music and having conquered a number of different dance music genres, this talented versatile producer turned his full attention to drum & bass in the latter half of the 2000's culminating in signing an exclusive deal with Andy C's Ram Records. His tracks 'Soundboy' and 'Echoes' were considered to be some of the stand out tracks featured on the Nightlife 5 compilation. Since then Hamilton has released a number of singles including the massive 'Brainstorm' and the sublime piece of dance floor driven liquid that is 'Deep In My Heart'. He's keeping busy on the remix front too, crafting reworks for the likes of Blackout's 'L.O.V.E', indie/dance hybrid Enter Shikari's 'Sssnakepit', label mates Loadstar 's 'Black & White' and most recently Tankia's vocal anthem 'Bad 4 U', also topping the drum & bass charts with his barnstorming VIP of TC's dance floor anthem 'Tap Ho'.

Hamilton set to the charts again in the summer of 2013 with his speaker shaking Schema EP. An eight track 'mini album' showcasing his dexterity as a beat maker, traversing various styles of D&B with ease. From the rowdy 'F**K It Up', the neurofunk leanings of 'Overdrive' to the melodic 'Your Love' it's a coherent and classy construction of bass led beats. The VIP of 'F**K It Up' was featured on the latest instalment of Andy C's 'Nightlife' series alongside a peak of fresh Hamilton material on 'Be There'.

As a DJ he's well renowned for his damaging three deck sets at events in the UK and around the world, mixing and blending drop after drop. 2014 sees Hamilton locked down in the studio working away on his debut album.

Hamilton might seem like a relatively new name on the block to some, but this versatile and talented producer has been writing, producing & djing electronic music for over 15 years. Having conquered several genres and worked as an international DJ for a decade and a half, the next step in Hamilton’s story was after sending some of his D&B tracks to Ram boss Andy C.

Signing exclusively to Ram in 2009, ‘Soundboy’ was one of the stand out tracks featured on Andy C’s ‘Nightlife 5’ compilation, while the VIP version tore apart clubs from London to Lisbon. Last year’s ‘Brainstorm’ / ‘Echoes’ set Hamilton apart as one of the hottest producers the drum & bass scene has to offer leading to remixes for the likes of Blackout, Hyper, Jasper Forks and Enter Shikari. It comes as no surprise then that "Deep In My Heart / Rich Kids", his latest single for Ram Records, contains an undeniably epic pair of tracks that are filled with all the hallmarks you’d expect from a producer of Hamilton’s calibre. Throughout this time Hamilton has been smashing the clubs across the world demonstrating his impressive skills behind the decks, culminating in being chosen to mix the 'Ram Records Drum & Bass Annual 2011' compilation.

Buy link: https://ramrecords.com/search/hamilton

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hamiltondnb/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/hamiltondnb