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Exclusive DNB◉UNITED RECORDS Dossa & Locuzzed interview

• How did Dossa & Locuzzed become a production team ?

We've already been knowing eachother for some years before we teamed up, and as we live in the same town with a really overseeable drum & bass scene. After supporting and inspiring us mutually with our music ever since we teamed up in 2015 officially, what was one of the best decisions in our career so far.

• Where did each of you grow up? Dossa: I was born and raised up in St. Pölten, Lower Austria.

Locuzzed: I grew up in a small town called Markersdorf. It's a village where everyone knows everyone. The closest City to it is St. Pölten, so I spent a lot of time there aswell.

• When did each of you start listening to DNB ?

Dossa: I first heard Drum & Bass when I was about 13, I was on a school trip for a week, before that a friend gave me some pendulum tunes on my mp3 player. I wore them headphones the whole week!

Locuzzed: A friend showed me Pendulums Album “Hold Your Colour”, first Tune I heard was Tarantula. I really wasn’t into electronic music at that time so I didn't want to admit it first – but I was instantly blown away by the energy of this genre! So I spent the next months listening to recorded sets and collecting new tunes.

• What were your favorite tracks that inspired you to become producers and DJs?


Pendulum – Vault was one of the first tracks I was really addicted to. Also the stuff of Body & Soul, who also lives in our hometown, has accompanied my early Drum & Bass years a lot. After that I really got hung up with Jump Up like Taxman – The Rebate 2007 and stuff like that before i got deep into producing RaggaJungle. But I think it was my brother who really brought me into producing, he made trance music back in the day and gave me my first DAW when I was like 14.


Actually there’s no particular track or artist - I got into producing when I was coding a video-game. When I was searching for background-music/themes I stumbled upon a sample-website and I started creating my own tracks with different samples. In the end I liked the music-making part more than the coding and that's why I kept doing it – never finished the game though.

  • With the success of NC-17’s Soldiers and Deuce & Charger’s Who Can You Trust, are you planning any more remixes for 2016?

There's an upcoming remix for Dope Ammo & Tali which should drop in the near future, and furthermore we just got a really nice remix opportunity, but unfortunately we can't spoil any details yet.

  • Your new EP Dance/Shag are both club ready bangers,as was Banana Split.The modern, evolving sound of DNB, just over the past ten years, has garnered an ever-widening audience. Since you started producing in the genre, how do you feel the sound of DNB has evolved in your personal opinion?

Thanks! Glad you like it. Well when we started to produce, Drum & Bass was just about to widen out, what brought a lot of very diverse subgenres over the years. All those subgenres evolved theirselves and so that's probably why more and more people found access to it. In general we'd say Drum & Bass just grew the way it was supposed to do as there's no other genre that is able to carry as much emotion as energy and detail as in Drum & Bass – it has become music that works to play in the radio as well as at raves!

• What artist would you most like to collaborate with,if given the chance?

Before we think about proper collaborations with other artists we first want to grow our sound a bit more, but if we think about great musicians right now we'd probably pick someone of the future bass camp like Herzeloyde. We just got the new Album of Urbandawn that hit us directly. We don't know him yet, but it seems like this dude has a quite similar intention on music as us...

• What do you like the most about working with Viper Recordings?

Everyone working at the Label is really behind the music they put out, and it’s a very professional way of releasing tunes, but there still are these family vibes behind everything which makes us as artist feel very comfortable – it’s just great. #teamviper To each of you What five DNB albums would you take with you if you were going to be stranded on a desert island?

This is for both of us

  • Camo & Krooked – Zeitgeist

  • Urbandawn – Gothenburg Cluster

  • Break - Simpler Times

  • pendulum – Hold your Colour

  • Full Cycle Live Vol.2

Interview : Jason Bakes DNB◉UNITED RECORDS

Dossa & Locuzzed has created an EP dripping in fresh modern Future Drum and Bass sounds. Dance / Shag is a truly unique combination! Its as if trap and future bass got together and had one hyperactive child.

The focus is dance and that is thus the name. Unique sound design and drops not usually typical to drum and bass are everywhere! They are used is super cool and tasteful combinations with filter movements and slick sub bass lines flying everywhere. This is not your typical track that repeats once it's got its jam going either. You hear fresh sounds and ideas all the way to the very end! One of my top tracks for sure!

The next track Shag share a similar vib only this time you can trip out on the mad hipster vibs and funk that are coming your way. I am super big fan on the songwriting and style used here. When you hear the man sound it doesn’t just hit your ears as a sound, but there is a movement, a dance that almost seems to be inside the sound making it perfect for dance! Keep your eyes on Dossa & Locuzzed! They make some dynamite tunes and it’s easy to see that they are going places, and fast! Eric Burgess DNB◉UNITED.COM

Since signing exclusively with Viper Recordings in April, Austria’s Dossa & Locuzzed have been enjoying some serious recognition as one of the industry’s hottest new drum and bass duos. With their debut single ‘Only Way / Electric Boogie’ released back in May on Viper’s sister label Viper VIP to tumultuous praise, the talented producers have been hitting the scene hard in 2016. Featuring on Viper’s ‘Bassrush 1.0’ album with ‘Ninja’, as well as the annual ‘Drum & Bass Summer Slammers 2016’ compilation with ‘Banana Split’, Dossa & Locuzzed have been gaining support from some of the biggest names in the industry along with fresh new remixes of NC-17’s ‘Soldiers’ and Deuce & Charger’s ‘Who Can You Trust?’. Now with their first single on the main Viper Recordings roster, Dossa & Locuzzed are back to see out the end of the summer with even more fire. ‘Dance’ sets the scene with an airy and atmospheric intro before spiralling headfirst in to a catchy beat packed full of funky synths, gritty stabs and plenty of old-school raver vibe. Adding some vocal samples and plenty of drums in to the mix, the duo has created the perfect recipe for a seriously eclectic track which is a sure-fire classic in the making. Next up, ‘Shag’ jumps straight in with a mix of swirling synths and bouncy drums, kicking things off with a no-nonsense drop that means business. Featuring an up-tempo beat with aggressive stabs and riffs not unlike those you’d hear tearing up a jump-up dance, the second tune from the single packs a punch you’re not likely to forget. With ‘Dance / Shag’, Dossa & Locuzzed have once again brought a diverse and varied sound to the table with their trademark mix of feel-good vibe and funky spin on classic, hard hitting Drum and Bass. Prepare to be hearing these guys’ sounds in your ears a lot more over the coming months!

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Released: 30th September 2016

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