Current Value // Airshaft EP (Cyberpunk)

If you are in the mood for the unusual and syncopated then Current Values Cyberfunk is just the thing. Rhythms of all kinds fly from unusual locations. The EP as a whole has variety of moods but with similar sound design giving continuity to the EP as a whole. Smooth morphing transitions are everywhere in this regard.

Falsify has all kinds of syncopations. Right when you think you have the rhythm sorted out, you suddenly find an unusual movement, almost like a glitch. It keeps you on your toes and actively engaged in the music. Time stretching is also utilized in a very forward way in this track creating fills and texture.

Espace sounds like space. Pretty much nailed that. Metallic mid range rips flows between atmospheric passages that remesis of the vast canvas of space and the feeling of floating, perhaps for miles, between planets even!

Airshift starts with rising, pitch going up and up, filters going up and up and up and up …… you reach a plato and begin to climb again ….. Ever so slightly you rise more and more and then! The DROP. It is not hard to see an airship moving at light speed through the cosmos in this track, but the track is called airshift, not airship, so I may be missing something. Either way, the tracks construction and use of thinning out textures is great!

Matchfit has an industrial quality to it. Almost as if in the inner workings of a ship with steam flowing out pipes as the various fluids flow from place to place.

A great EP for Current Value bring some Cyberfunk to the DnB community!

Keeping the momentum going following the recent release of Phentix's Pitch Black EP, Cyberfunk turn to a true European heavyweight of the techstep world. Current Value has worked solidly underground with nearly 20 years of production experience under his belt and an album catalogue that stretches into double figures. Having recently made waves within the drum and bass scene with releases on various respected labels, Current Value brings his corrosive sound to the Cyberfunk stable. Covering 4 tracks and a digital exclusive, Current Value links with label boss Xtrah for opening cut Falsify. A monolithic, gargantuan beast, Falsify shape shifts effortlessly via it's pummeling breaks and buzzcut top line. Espace sees Current Value draw your ears one way with its infectious bounce without you knowing it's an ever growing assault on your aural synapses. Title track Airshift keeps it rolling with tight drum programming and a thundering, gut punching bassline to hold it all in place while Matchfit closes the show with an unrelenting neuro slant, embodying all that is great about tech drum & bass in 2016. Getting a producer with the calibre of Current Value on board as part of the Cyberfunk family shows the ambition Xtrah and his increasingly impressive label have and will continue to keep you guessing with what's coming next. Cyberfunk are definitely closing out the year with a bang.

Published on Sep 30, 2016

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Published on Oct 4, 2016

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