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Frederic Robinson’s latest release, "Fleas Waltz" is a post-modern, sub-tronic wonderland...filled with colors and textures that reflect the part of the season when the leaves change their beautiful colors as summer turns into fall. The soundscapes are brilliant, with lush aural and visual tones that change as you listen. As I close my eyes, I let the songs carry me to the journeys next exit...lush strings and the plucking, arpeggiated soft synths make me feel like I am inside of the moving parts that are changing, shifting and falling into their place. Remembering that this is a choreographed arrangement is sometimes forgotten, as I float to new levels within the layers of the composition that I feel a part of. There are also beautiful islands of space that allow the listener and the song to breathe in chorus, simultaneously. The moments of classic 808 drums, mixed with organic swells, are comfortingly familiar; they are what you would not just hope for, but actually expect from such a well-crafted effort by the producer to capture both the hearts and the minds of multi-genre listening generations. Of course, a true sub-tronix hero would not be content without some vocals to take their work to the heights that only the right set of female pipes can, and in this case, absolutely do. Nothing can replace the dark angel who steps into his story and sings life into the story. This makes sure that certain messages will never get lost in translation. A set of velvet pipes that breathe the mist of cold and icy air into the microphone from deep within her are heard on the track "Colder", featuring Lily Juniper. That deep and seductive engaging timber of Lily’s voice rises above and fills the space between the armies of stabs and swells that serve as her foundation. Then, I remind myself that we are now transported into a brand new place, titled “Night Garden”, where we have a moment to reflect and gather ourselves. Remember, we are in a dream now. That's right; it's ok to let go, to follow the violins…they will guide me to the next stop, the track "Flea Waltz”, which is the title track as well as the halfway point of this trip. Here is where I leave you...the rest of the ride is yours to experience on your own from here. I have walked with you to the bug dance, time to waltz and to celebrate! Enjoy the rest of your journey. Maybe, if you find the inspiration, you will write about your own experience. The cosmic synergy that connects us all will guide you now, if you allow it. The mystery of not knowing what happens next is what makes the experience that we share as listeners so much fun and so very intriguing…see you on the other side. Jason Bakes Founder DNB◉UNITED RECORDS / DNB◉UNITED.COM Edited Xtene16 Managing editor DNB◉UNITED RECORDS / DNB◉UNITED.COM

Frederic Robinson's second full length studio album 'Flea Waltz' is a complex and fascinating body of work that once again offers a breath of fresh air in a world numbed by predictability. From the fantastical pop opera of Constellations to Acrylic's delicate euphoria, the album plunges us into a thrilling whirlpool of unexpected sonics, arrangements and themes, effortlessly picking up the vocabularies of jazz, world music, modern classical drum & bass, and colliding them together to produce symphonies of influence that are both familiar and yet totally unheard. The journey is made complete by Lily Juniper, whose charming vocals gracefully pull Frederic's labyrinthine ideas into focus, unifying emotions like an astronomer making sense of the night sky. Frederic Robinson's debut album 'Mixed Signals' exploded beyond the usual boundaries of the dnb scene, receiving universal praise from fans and artists in almost every other electronic music genre, from BBC6 music's Tom Middleton to Hospital Records' London Elektricity. In 2013 Frederic Robinson turned drum and bass on its head with the incredibly inventive and adventurous album, 'Mixed Signals', released on Blu Mar Ten Music. In the three years following 'Mixed Signals', Frederic has been developing his spectacular live show, experimenting with new instruments and technologies, and, naturally, working on his stunning follow up LP, Flea Waltz. 'Flea Waltz' expands and improves on Mixed Signals, bringing a new sense of clarity, sophistication and playfulness and is unquestionably one of the one of the finest electronic albums of 2016.

Buy Here: Ten Years Of Med SchoolRelease date: 1st AprilPicture disc vinyl + 2xCD // 2xCD // Digital‘Ten Years of Med School’ celebrates the plethora of talent to have emerged over the past decade showcasing snapshots of the imprint’s most memorable releases alongside hints of an even brighter future. Originally the understated sister label of Hospital Records, Med School is now a standalone soldier playing a significant role in electronic music, scouring every hidden corner of drum & bass and beyond.The release showcases 18 brand new and exclusive tracks, including some stunning remixes of the label’s finest moments. Ivy Lab lead Etherwood’s uplifting ‘We’re Nothing Without Love’ down a more ominous path while Kimyan Law strips down Royalston’s drum crazy ‘Jungle Gone Down’. Frederic Robinson injects a cloud-like bounce into Keeno’s ‘Nocturne’ and Bop gives ‘Pray’ by The Erised a stunning 170bpm rework.The album also features a host of new creations and collaborations. Etherwood and Royalston prove that opposites attract on ‘Eyes On Me’ which brilliantly combines subtle, soulful overtones with a dark, metallic allure. Newest Med School recruit Whiney presents the deep, melancholic magic of ‘Nightfall’ while label veteran Lung returns with the energetic ‘To Infinity & Be Gone’. There are also fresh contributions from the roster’s past, present and future, including works from Anile, Rawtekk, G.H.O.S.T, Blu Mar Ten, Joe Syntax, Electrosoul System, Sunchase and more.The ten year celebrations don’t end there as Etherwood rediscovers some back catalogue highlights and blends with the album’s new material in a continuous DJ mix of 100% Med School music.The quality of the label is without question and this release is no different. Med School stays true to its foundations of championing forward-thinking and emerging talent - here’s to the next ten!CategoryMusicLicenseStandard YouTube LicenseMusic"Nocturne" by Keeno Follow Med School: