NickBee / The Gears EP / Feat: SYZE Terminal Records

The EP Gears by NickBee shows real taste and use of color. Samples of all kinds are brought together in ways that create interest, such as the use of acoustic snare rolls, and highs and fills utilizing wispy bell tones. In the first track, named The Gears, the second drop has a snare that really pops! Structure is impeccable, too. Nowhere to Run features a tribal like drum, flutes, and vocal that all meld together giving one the great sense, that though you may run, they follow. They will find you, they are always here. If stabs are your thing, then you will really dig this track. Pluck and synths pop to the rhythm, there on second, and gone the next, as the vocal calls. On Together With Future, a small bass line runs in, and ideas about the future and how we should set it up are propagated. Distorted and overdriven bass rages, and the chords that accompany them are no different. With a popping snare, and rattling percussive line, the future drives on. Finishing the EP is We Fight. When is fighting worth it? How hot does a fire have to be before you are convinced it can burn you? Will you fight with Nickbee or not? If you agree, then prepare for battle, if not... then prepare for the drop.​


NickBee has proven once again that his signature sound is evolving with every release he drops. Since Nick’s recent “Sounds of War” release dropped, I have been getting used to Nick’s textured soundscapes and visual tones used in his most recent sound compositions. NickBee is on fire this year without any doubt. The fact that Nick has been able to carry this unique sound from one release to the next without missing a beat is alone a fact worth mentioning. Nick has been able to use his environment to influence his recent releases in a way that is very interesting. If you have been listening to these releases and following our reviews since “Sounds of War” was released, you will understand what I'm talking about. Nick's current approach is to layer each track, and to build the layers of sound in such a way that it really transforms the listening experience into a journey of sound, not just a destination. This is just one more chapter in the novel of NickBee’s ongoing drum+bass saga. From the underbelly of the war-torn region that sits only 250 km away from where the artist lives, to the studio, where Nick takes his experiences and focuses them into the audio and visual landscapes you hear in all of his recent releases. NickBee shows mastery of a medium in which the goal is to unleash your inner turmoil and primal feelings; to express one's responses and reactions to the sights and sounds of turmoil and misery and use this medium to turn those feelings into something that I can only call dark beauty is a feat that only a an experienced producer like Nick can do so effectively. The other part of this effort that is worth noting is that Nick has made such a profound experience into a collection of songs that, while intensely personal, brings with them a commercial appeal that anyone listening can appreciate and enjoy. I'm making it clear that a shared experience is being passed on to you in the form of music, even if you have no first hand experience to relate to his...his work makes it personal, but also accessible. This release is an invitation to the listeners who want to take the trip with the producer, and to truly have a chance to see and feel it from their perspective. I will be staying tuned for the next chapter of this incredible novel that allows me to be part of NickBee’s journey of both sight and sound. I rate the EP “The Gears” Five Stars! Jason Bakes, Founder DNB◉UNITED RECORDS/DNB◉UNITED.COM Release date: 17th October Beatport exclusive 31st October worldwide vinyl TBC

It is said that in the deepest layers of the subterranea, biology has no place… the complex mechanisms of old evolved relentlessly in ever-spiraling complexity, drawing their energy from the eternal thermal vents of the Worldcore. Mechanical beings woven within a delicate web of survival, spun into life from the sprawling hierarchical mechanism of the planet itself. In the dimly lit depths of one such level, subtle core alignment shifts spark their reaction, vents rerouting the intense heat through systems long untouched, spreading its energy across ancient precipitation tanks. Slow tendrils of steam curl upwards in the darkness, growing in intensity… feeding life into the machines of this place, setting the gears to their purpose. Lights flicker into being, and with them the metal orchids flourish, casting their alluring glow throughout the level. Life stirs in the fresh heat of the moment, the whirring of a thousand intricate mechanisms returning to life as wing films push against the air… every gear’s movement with a single purpose – to feed.

EATBRAIN presents rapidly rising Ukrainian producer NICKBEE with his GEARS EP, also featuring the eerie and alluring vocals of JOANNA SYZE. With these 4 delicately balanced and keenly crafted slices of neurofunk, Nickbee displays a refined sense of structure and minimalism, whilst delivering a powerful vibe for the dance. Half of the EP drips with dystopian spirit, bristling with razor sharp edges softened in NOWHERE TO RUN and WE FIGHT by Syze’s ethereal and alien voice. The Gears EP retains a sense of tight urgency and patient precision throughout, with GEAR’s tilted syncopation providing a light-footed and paranoid pace, while TOGETHER WITH FUTURE delivers a hulking stepper that packs a weighty punch.

Published on Oct 13, 2016

Nickbee (feat.Syze) - We Fight (Eatbrain)

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