When Generation EP 1 was released on August 7 2016 I couldn’t wait for the follow up EP Generation 2 to become available. Mtalheadsz has remained true to the original sound that the label is famous for. In a time where drum+bass is evolving into more and more sub genres Metalheadz signature sound is captured and developed by the labels original artists as well as new without giving up the foundation that we have grown to expect and love.This distinctive sound also sets Metalheadz releases apart from the rest of the herd easily.That production quality is evident as I drop the needle on the advance copy of Generation 2 that I received .Its important to point out that Metalheadz has made all their releases available on vinyl. This is a progressive idea for younger labels.In the case of Metalheadz they never stopped releasing vinyl since the days of spinning early Jungle , breaks and Drum+bass in warehouses. Goldie and the early gang can still seduce the listener with that warm vinyl sound or drop the beat and brake the floor with just two turntable and a microphone.So I am always excited when a new release becomes available from Metalheadz for the simple fact you don’t know if its going to be a remastered part of the earlier catalogs collection or something brand new.I mention this because I am currently sitting on two new releases.First Commix killing it with the continuation of the first Generation EP (part 1) to now Part 2.Opening up the release with “Freefall”a totally chill downtempo old school DNB track with atmospheric pads that carry the listener to a better space than you wee in prior to hearing the song. When I drive at track three “Behold” I hear the first pad emerge with a distinctive sound that I recognize as a synth swell from Garage band from years ago now available in Logic pro x. Beautiful lush landscapes lift you as the song just carries you to a weightless place.This whole release from part one to part two is a journey that is built on the very idea of a concept album.The relationship between the two is never forgotten nor does it ever sound redundant.I hear and feel it as a perfectly smooth transition.Worth mentioning if you buy the vinyl release you will not receive the bonus track “Arplong”available on the digital downloadable version.

Jason Bakes - DNB◉UNITED RECORDS DNB◉UNITED.COM Coimmix expands on the Generation EP series, EP 1 was a reintroduction via new material peppered with unreleased classic material. EP 2 is all new material and we're very excited to be able to release it. The EP spans BPMs and palettes, it’s the sound of Commix not only sharing his influences but adding to those influences with his own contributions. Already a firm favorite with the electronic music scene the EP is exactly what we want to hear from Commix at this point in time.Below is a step back to Generation EP Part 1.

Ulterior Motive - The Fourth Wall Released November 4, 2016 on Metalheadz One of 2014’s biggest albums is back in remix form via an all-star line up hand picked by the south coast’s premiere production duo. We have new interpretations from Break, Icicle, Lenzman, Xtrah & Mark System and you can tell from just reading that line up how high the quality levels will be.

The following tracks are available for download:

1. META044 A1. Ulterior Motive - Keep It Moving (Break Rmx)

2. META044 A2. Ulterior Motive - Inta National VIP

3. META044 B1. Ulterior Motive - Chapters [feat. Meyhem Lauren & Brotherman] (Icicle Rmx)

4. META044 B2. Ulterior Motive - Stay [feat. James Sunderland] (Lenzman Rmx)

5. META044 C [digital bonus]. Ulterior Motive - Longshot (Xtrah Rmx)

6. META044 D [digital bonus]. Ulterior Motive - Muted [feat. James Sunderland] (Mark System Rmx)