Metnem War EP- Bismuth (feat. Sk4nZ) War - Lesser Evil 2016-11-11

War is a lethal injection of DnB if you ask me. If you listen you will be infected and will not recover, so listen at your own risk. Grooves are the main focus in this track. Everything is there to serve them. The drums fit just perfectly into the mix sitting right at the focal point with sounds, FX, pads and more revolving around in the back ground, growing developing, plotting their next step twords the next groove. It is in the sub’s that the track comes out.

There are two tracks and the first one is the Lesser Evil of the two. A lot can be said from names and in this case we are clearing dealing a DnB of a dark nature. Its not hard to tell from the track, but from the looks of the name you must ask yourself what is here? Why would we pick such a name as Lesser Evil, are we choosing between something, or is it something that just happens and is less evil than something that normally happens? In War is there really even a lesser evil? You listen to the track and let me know what you think.

The release is excellent, no question about that. We some though you may come away with not only an experience, but a lesson. This release makes you wonder, it makes you question war, what it sounds like, what it's like to be in one, what it means to support one. As in any war you must fight, but for what? What is it about sound that gives such vivid images of these things? DnB in these track are excellent examples of this. Listen and learn.

We are Metnem, international music collective originating from Serbia and stretching far beyond the reach of universe. We recently decided to open the vaults and let the public in on our own kind of music. Metnem is how we communicate with those who can hear us. It's a bridge that allows you to cross over here. Guys behind the Metnem label are Codex, Billain & Hermetic. All members are known for uncompromising promotion of drum'n'bass culture, making sure that Metnem is recognized as a fresh good source for mind bending music. Metnem family is growing every day, current active members are Billain, War, Codex, Delikt, Vrh, Bohemian, Senzor others are to be announced.

Follow our vision - .It was during the horde conflict that Metnem was hit by an information pulse through deepcover frequencies. Its origin was determined as War & Sk4nZ. Beamfocus targeting of Lesser Evil attained critical intel. Our mission's vital target was the agent hidden behind encrypted codename Bismuth, last living metabiorganism, the last remaining entity that could assist reconnection with the forgotten architect. We are so close now.

Metnem RELEASE DATE: 2016-11-11

A: War - Bismuth (feat. Sk4nZ) AA: War - Lesser Evil Beatport : 11.11.2016 Worldwide : 11.25.2016