DC Breaks - Arcade / Creeper VIP Ram Records

Getting into the Halloween spirit, DC Breaks are unleashing two new terrifying slabs of bass. These heavyweight monsters have been biding their time in the producer’s digital record box, the beginning of a brand new musical journey for the duo. In the lead up to their debut album, this single will give you a small insight into what’s to come. Sitting at the nastier end of their vast musical spectrum, prepare to be brought into the sinisterly lit world of DC Breaks through their next offering ‘Arcade’ and ‘Creeper VIP’. Reminiscent of their earlier, heavy sound, it’s a production standard held tightly together with throw down hooks and hefty basslines. Instantly recognizable, ‘Arcade’ is sure to set off both cyberspace and its baying electronic audience. Fans have been patiently waiting for its release, ever since it detonated its crowd at Glastonbury Festival last year. Winding up on crunching snare and quaking subs, its fluctuating bass notes take you down into the dark and dirty. A call to arms, ‘Arcade’ presents the buzzing energy of any late night drum & bass set. Proving the genre’s moody versatility, DC Breaks take you on a journey which moves you deeper with every sonic layer. ‘Creeper VIP’ takes on a track that’s already been making the club and festival circuits for years and offers up a rework. With more intense, flaming drum patterns but still featuring the same driving LFO of the original, DC Breaks flip a well-loved track on its head. An intimidating force, ‘Creeper VIP’ channels the same intensity yet has a more foreboding breakdown midway with different pitches, before gearing up once again for all-out anarchy. If you’re looking for the angrier side of DC Break’s discography, you’ve certainly found it on this flipside too. Despite the success of their vocal rollers, they’ve proved their ferocity still can’t be tamed.An appetizer for what’s to come, DC Breaks have reaffirmed their heavyweight status.

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