Hamilton - Only For Tonight / Another Dimension Ram Records

Hamilton’s longevity shines through his music and this next release is no different. After two decades in the scene, he’s been working behind the scenes to produce an LP that’ll solidify his place within the genre’s historical fabric. This single also represents another step closer to Hamilton’s forthcoming LP, a debut that’s been anticipated since its announcement this summer. ‘22’ will present yet another defining moment within his discography. Up first comes ‘Only for Tonight’. With pitched up vocals and flowing piano notes, Hamilton takes you into another world, one underpinned by elevating synths. Featuring an up-tempo eighties style breakdown, it’s impossible not to feel the energy prevalent from start to finish. still keeping up the buoyant energy present throughout the subsequent ‘Another Dimension’ whilst moving his work into a lighter shade. Juxtaposing the B side in a way that platforms Hamilton’s full production capabilities, it serves as a precursor for what’s to come from the producer. ‘Another Dimension’ brings out a different angle, a heavy hitter which packs a colossal punch with every relay of beats. It’s a return to form for Hamilton, who’s always been esteemed for his next level production standard on old-school inspired riddims. Featuring the kind of driving bassline which keeps a track interesting, Hamilton utilizes warbling snare and punchy pads to create a flurry of layers that cut deeper with each build. Throwing in a call to arms sample snippet, which nestles itself craftily within the mix, it acts as a booster to continue the track’s dancefloor impact. Hamilton reminds you why he stands at the forefront of both the contemporary and older styles, merging them in a way that resounds with audiences everywhere. ‘22’ is sitting just on the horizon and it’s getting closer with each subsequent release.

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