Hydro // Ethos EP (MethLab Recordings)

Hydro - Ethos EP Forthcoming on MethLab Recordings - 29.11.2016 Artwork // Danila Tkachenkp

MethLab present the third part of their stripped-down, but sharp-edged BNKR series, with HYDRO presenting the ETHOS EP (also featuring War, Villem & Mateba). Featuring a diverse array of tech from a forgotten future, true to the series aesthetic - with precise and expansive sound design compressed into tightly sprung forms, bursting with tension and pure and bleak-edged emotive drive.

ETHOS sets a sombre tone laced with late-night city nostalgia, juxtaposed with playful synth work and a driven stepper beat. TIME PERCEPTION opens with a heavy halfstep tone backed with towering tidal bass, before flipping into darker yet delicately balanced tech territory with a sinister edge. FAUX AMIS unleashes haunting filtered vocals against an elaborately unravelling percussive line, amidst a shimmering oriental-tinged futurenoir dystopia. NOTHING TO LOSE finishes the EP with further immaculate percussion work, with a frenetic pulse that dissolves into a lush and verdant breakdown – serving as an oasis book-ended by high-pressure bass intensity.

With the next part of the BNKR project, MethLab continue to lay down a fresh breed of driven minimalism that retains the mean edge that the dancefloor requires, whilst delivering a listening experience that’s complex enough to work outside of the rave.

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