Invisible 023 Various Artists//Featuring NU4M & Kije, Topi, Lockjaw, Survey

Invisible records and just about anything but invisible when you consider what they put out! Invisible has become one of BC9’s (founder of DnB United) favorite labels because of this! The new 023 various artists EP rips it up featuring NU4M & Kije, Topi, Lockjaw, Survey No radio.

The EP starts out with Delirium, a high energy DnB and breakbeat track. Having a breakbeat means chord stabs, runs in and out of bass (more of a DnB thing), and one killer kick and snare!

Next up we have Active. With atmospheric introductions great things come to pass, and that is what is offered up to your ears here. A thick metallic chorused bass run in and out in the Neurofunk style. I ask you to listen to all the subtle effects in the back grounds. You will find lush details in the pads below the surface with interesting stereo movements as well.

Following this we have Heavenly Bodies. Experimental in origin the track is a mesh of rhythm and sound design using synthesis and pitch shifts combined with chord progressions to give you an experience that is truly incredible. You get the feeling that you are headed in one direction, but then it shifts, but in a natural way, as if it was always meant to be that way. It is truly satisfying. The arrangement, sound design, composition and mixing meld in a masterful way that is difficult to achieve even amongst experts. I can honestly say there was no part of this track that was not interesting to me. Top remarks from DnBunited for a track so well executed!

The EP finishes out with Monobrow. The intro pull you in and creates a smooth crease in your mind where it then proceeds to put the drop. It just makes sense as you listen. Give an ear to how clear each element rings, the space it exists in. This is an excellent track to envision a new space, a place beyond where you are.

Well done on the mixing and mastering. The sound design melds together with the production and the composition and arrangements are in harmony with what it takes to make a great track. Heavenly Bodies I would say is pure genius when it comes to this. Check out the new 023 various artists EP!

Out October 21 on all digital platforms and 2 x 12" vinyl. Listen Now: