RAM Records June Miller - Let It Roll EP

Let it Roll stands as the biggest drum & bass showcase the world has to offer. Welcoming thousands of music lovers from every corner of Europe, their stage aesthetics have proved year after year that they’re as impressive as the artists they host. With line ups that are seldom seen elsewhere, featuring staple heavyweights from every part of the genre’s spectrum, this isn’t a small feat. Friday’s opening ceremony has always been a defining moment for each festival goer, whether that’s an artist or fan. And this year, Ram Records’ stalwarts June Miller provided an open sequence for what turned out to be Let it Roll’s biggest year yet. Following their debut LP on the Ram imprint, June Miller have only grown from strength to strength. Become an intrinsic part of the scene’s fabric, they’ve delivered monumental slices of bass which have resounded across their growing audience. After the climatic hit of their opening sequence, they’ve condensed the full show into five tracks for this next EP. So even if you missed it, prepare to blow your subs and reimagine the spectacle which opened the world’s largest meeting of sonic masterminds. If you’d like to immerse yourself in the realms of June Miller and Let it Roll’s ferocity, the production outfit have delivered the sequence in full for the track listing’s first part. Otherwise, you’re introduction to June Miller’s Let it Roll EP is through ‘Hide & Seek’. It’s an animalistic tempo changer that pitches its way through warbling snare. ‘The Source’ rolls out next, a mechanical riddim that moves on top of distorted bass and pounding drum patterns. ‘Gods’ is an anarchist’s dream, with flurries of tinny beats and clanking kick. Gradually peaking and throwing you down crazy drops, June Miller are as intimidating as ever. ‘The Final Sequence’ wraps up all four separate partitions. With chanting ‘Let it Roll’ sample and a gradually grinding bassline, it’s an ominous affair. Although, after its successful delivery, you shouldn’t expect any less from the producers. The meeting of Ram Records, June Miller and Let it Roll was never going to anything less than carefully crafted chaos. And now you can witness their formidability from your headphones.

Available Friday November 04/2016 http://ramrecords.com/shop/download/ramm234d