Ulterior Motive- [The Fourth Wall] Metalheadz

Ulterior Motive - The Fourth Wall One of 2014’s biggest albums is back in remix form via an all-star line up hand picked by the south coast’s premiere production duo. We have new interpretations from Break, Icicle, Lenzman, Xtrah & Mark System and you can tell from just reading that line up how high the quality levels will be.

Buy: bit.ly/TheFourthWall Ulterior Motive are set to make a real statement in drum & bass when their album The Fourth Wall is released via Goldie's essential Metalheadz label on October 6th. The album is a joy, as deftly arranged as it is uncompromising and progressive. It's borne of jungle, for sure, but its 14 tracks come off like a collage on the lengths that broken beat can be taken.

Interact with Ulterior Motive: twitter.com/ulterior _motive www.facebook.com/ulteriormotive.uk