Woulg - Dragged EP// (MethLab)

Label // MethLab Recordings Artists // Woulg, Audeka, Kursa, Frank Riggio, Roel Funcken, Malvo Release // Dragged EP Release Date // 01.11.2016

WOULG - DRAGGED EP //MethLab delve deep into experimental territory with Canadian producer - Woulg - presenting his 'Dragged' EP. This release showcases the incredible sound design talents of both Woulg, with his uncompromising approach to sonic assault - as well as the translations of the complex audio into new forms by the talented array of established and upcoming remixers.

Woulg - Empty - Official Video

Woulg - Empty - Official Video Release // MethLab Listen to the full release here /soundcloud.com/methlab-recordings/sets/woulg-dragged-ep-methlab-1

Video creator // Iraisynn Attinom facebook.com/attinom

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