NODE 0X00A EP - Malux, Disprove & Tobax, Optiv & CZA, Current Value (Terminal) Availability

The time has come for you to find your place in the world of DnB, and terminal is here to be your guide. NODE 0X00A EP is an onslaught of many of their artist doing what they do best, and that is bass!

Each track has all the drive and bass you could hope for, surging, pumping, riveting energy in each beat! You will hear resampling, delay, compression and all the like to create prestine mixes that pop right through the speakers.

From an artistic standpoint each track is well defined structurally, and the seems to be a release of singles whose sole purpose in life is to get you stoked. These timbral focused works of art certainly accomplish that end.

Some impressive points unique to this release are the use of what sounds like a piano being strummed from the inside and the guitar like texture that follows in Clone. It then follows up with old strings into a maddening spiral of drum and bass that I found very unique and original. The use of pointed drums is also very stylistically apparent but in the track Wildcat this is very evident in a very cool way.

NODE 0X00A access granted - quarantine dissolve complete. 4 x heavy tech components available // attributed sources: OPTIV & CZA - CURRENT VALUE - MALUX - DISPROVE & TOBAX. Sonic weapons systems active: line array audio discharge effect prediction // cataclysmic effect on human anatomy with social nocturnal environment fallout. > Deploy The TERMINAL collective (MethLab - Eatbrain - Bad Taste) unleash 4 tracks of pure tech devastation from a tight selection of leading forces in dnb - legends and pioneers Current Value, Optiv and CZA alongside the hype fresh talents of Malux, Disprove and Tobax. Following up the first free Terminal VA that launched the entity, and Current Value's hard-hitting 'Partition' EP; the NODE 0X00A EP continues the Terminal route with its lean and sharp tech audio aesthetic, designed to devastate the dancefloors of our era as the awe and terror of this cyberpunk age blossoms around us.

Release designation // Node 0X00A Creator directory // Optiv & CZA - Current Value - Malux Disprove & Tobax Label designation // Terminal Availability // 22.11.2016 Catalogue // TRMNLVA002