Villem & Phase - ‘The Traveller EP’ Metalheadz Records

We're happy to announce the next EP on MethXX by Villem (Mute) & Phase. Villem and Phase have brought some guests along for the ride in vocalist Steo and McLeod. The EP is an accomplished piece of work, it’s a great partnership between Villem and Phase and we’re happy to be putting it out.

One of the great things about reviewing the releases from all of the most trusted institutions in Drum and Bass is the record label Metalheadz. The label, and its growing number of triple A DNB and Jungle artists, was founded in 1994. Goldie, Kemistry and Storm are godfathers, both in the past and today, of both the genre and the culture of Drum and Bass and Jungle. After breaking the dance floor consistently with their crew of Jungleists, Adam F., Doc Scott, and others have laid the foundation of what would become the signature sound of Metalheadz records. After Goldie received both personal and critical success with his new sound that was gaining in popularity, first in the UK, Goldie ushered in a brand new genre that had clubbers moving to a beat of a new drummer that started at 172 bpm. Up until this point most dance music heard in clubs and in warehouses was around 140 bpm’s, tops. Metalheadz records was born as more than just a record label, but also as an institution that has stood the test of time without losing any of its original roots. As the genre of DNB has evolved over the years, Metalheadz signature sound has only increased in popularity. Metalheadz has also been the birthplace for many new artists as well, who have gone on to form their own labels. Lenzman, who is one of the artists that i think of when I think of Metalheadz, just started his own label, The North Quarter, after being calling Metalheadz his home for a long time. I review DNB for many labels, both big and small, as consistently as I have been both producing and performing as a DNB artist since the genres inception. The one thing I can always count on with Metalheadz is that their artists always find a way to keep that signature sound while evolving,as the genre has, without sacrificing anything in the process. I can always rely on each release giving me some advanced comfort...when loading my decks with a new release, it is always solid and pure to its core. The brand new release Villem & Phase - ‘The Traveller EP is no difference. The tracks are in the pocket. layered synths and lush soundscapes rise up as soon as track two, The Traveler, hits. I am transported to a chilled groove that has plenty of space for the bass to show you its personality and changing sound through the drumbeat and percussive patterns. I am going to live with the rest of the release this week. I highly recommend this EP especially if you love that classic Metalheadz sound and groove that never fails to deliver.