Eatbrain Zombie Cats - Alive EP

In a lair of dereliction their bones lay, a place spoken of only in whispers - an unholy ground filled with the restless dead... the patient bones and rotting flesh of unspeakable horrors waiting only to feed on the living. The vile resting ground had nurtured their twisted feline forms, arching their twisted spines in death's torment - filling them with the insatiable hunger for life... driven by unrequitable desires to cross back through the veil of the deceased. Their bones trembled beneath the damp earth, full of rage and grim determination; shaking loose the soil of their burial ground... pushing upward towards the night air and breaking free of the eternal slumber - back into the realm of warm life, full of those ready to be fed upon. Skeletal tails wove through the shadows of night, sharp incisors ready to feast on their prey, glinting in the light of the fragile moon - the Zombie Cats are stalking the night again and no warm creature is safe whilst they are ALIVE! The ZOMBIE CATS make a dramatic return to the EATBRAIN label, following up their much-loved Must Eat EP with the terrors of their fresh ALIVE EP (also featuring SAFRA and core Eatbrain producer L 33). The duo lay down 5 tracks of horror-driven dnb designed to precisely shock and captivate the dance. From the insidious percussion of title track ALIVE, woven through with sinister synthesis, to the restless and driven vibes of SOULTAKER or the hard-hitting HAUNTED HOUSE collaboration with L 33 - the Alive EP tears things up in perfect Eatbrain style.