RAM Records Culture Shock - Have It All / Pandemic

A sound which has filtered through clubs across the globe, Culture Shock’s music is yet again blazing the trail. And since the significant passing of an unmarked demo, his journey’s been watched diligently from every corner of the drum & bass community. Standing as a marker, ‘City Lights’ represents what Culture Shock means to his fan base. After doing the club circuits and developing into one of scene’s most notorious dubs, its release was met with great anticipation. As a result, Culture Shock has become a buzzword for the genre’s trophy cabinet, coming with yet more fresh cuts to unleash onto an unsuspecting audience. Already becoming the centrepiece in his sets worldwide, whether at Prague’s seminal Let It Roll festival or London’s biggest electronic music showcase at SW4, the wait for this next single is now over. ‘Have it all’ takes you back into a musicianship which is inherently his. Ripping through on steppy pads and a flickering bassline, prepare to be taken through on a manufacturing line of elevating synths. Flurries of enriching sonic take you deeper and deeper into the mix, one held together tightly through its vocals. Giving a hook between each figure of eight, the track’s melody is administrated in a way which is seldom seen outside of Culture Shock’s productions. It’s time to realign yourself with a producer who created his own paradigm. ‘Pandemic’ presents a flipside which pushes you into choppier waters. Low-frequency bass drives you forward, whilst the hollow 808 drum patterns delves you even further through its composition. Wavering distortion gives it a more menacing feel, whilst its metallic, tinny processing keeps you held from beginning to end. Culture Shock delivers another blow and his career is yet again driving forward. Although this time, there are no signs of stopping, with a host of new releases lined up for the coming six months…

Culture Shock - Pandemic https://ram.lnk.to/CSHIAPandemic