Viper Recordings / Killer Hertz - Prometheus / Cryogenics

Ever since they made their debut on Viper Recordings with 'All Out' on 'The Sound Of Drum & Bass 2016', the word on the street has been 'who are Killer Hertz?’. Made up of three classically trained and multi-skilled artists, Killer Hertz are taking their musical expertise straight to the dance floor with their immense new single ‘Prometheus / Cryogenics’ on Viper VIP.

Featuring on Viper’s annual ‘Summer Slammers’ series earlier this year with chilled roller ‘Solstice’, Killer Hertz are gearing up to showcase the immense versatility behind their production technique, bringing forward a unique style of sound which is increasingly turning heads in the industry.

Prometheus wastes no time in getting down to serious business. An atmospheric intro sets the scene, before quickly being met by slamming, tribal-style drums. Futuristic, fast-paced and packed full of laser-like riffs and stabs, Prometheus takes us on a journey of epic proportions with its multi-layered sound.

Next up, Cryogenics comes in at full force; punchy, hard-hitting kicks and snares power up the momentum before the track evens out in to a cinematic break ahead of the drop. Not for the faint hearted, this tune will tear up even the darkest corners of the dancefloor with its echoing riffs and heavy, mechanised beat.

Driven by sheer bass power from start to finish, Killer Hertz’ debut single is making a huge statement of things to come in 2017 and beyond.Released: 25th Nov 2016 Buy

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