Eatbrain / Chris.SU - Solar Eclipse

So I have been following, listening and reviewing every release from Eatbrains label for some time now with an open mind and heart. I have to stress the point that not only does the label boast a line-up of fresh talented artists, producers and DJ's but I see and hear the growth with every release of an incredible signature sound that says Eatbrain approved this release.Such long-standing DNB institutions such as Hospital, Med School, Ram and Viper recordings the one common thread that binds them all is a trademark production quality and a visual branding that says this is us! The sound that bleeds these sick urban beats and growling bass of many layers and flavors is all Eatbrains vision and sound herd through every release that I receive in advance to promote. The crew at Eatbrain is a polished professional act that continues to impress me more and more with each release that drops. Creating a great album is one thing. Creating and growing a brand and sound is another. Chris.SU’s “Solar Eclipse” keeps pace with the bench mark of high-quality DNB i have come to expect from Eatbrains madhouse of chronic DNB artists top notch releases. This release will pick you up and put you in the drivers seat. I road tested this entire release while breaking more than one law while driving my whip after midnight and loving it from start to finish.Soon the rest of the public will have your chance with the release dropping on 05.12.2016. Until then I would highly suggest you check out Eatbrain-Zombie-Cats Alive-EP One things for sure this is not just a album but a soundtrack to my dnb life.

One year had passed since the devastation of mankind. All life ravaged by the undead plague, a tide of death sweeping across the planet mercilessly, as the ever-growing mass of the lifeless swelled in its wake. The sentient population of the globe was reduced to pitiful numbers, hiding in the wreckage of once vibrant cities, long since destroyed in the futile battle for survival. Where once there was hope for survival, now remained only the ember of a desperate memory of a different future. The cycle of the dead was ever in motion, their ragged forms roaming in packs, haunting the urban desolation. Ever-dimming senses of their terminal animated corpses constantly ready to consume the living. An endless yearning to feed drove them relentlessly onwards through the desolate shadows of civilization’s end, whilst the earth below those skulking feet continued its galactic voyage obliviously. Above one such horde, a celestial alignment was unfurling in the cold depths of space. As the sun burned blood red against the horizon and the moon slid serenely across its infernal face, the light dimmed as heavy shade drew across planet. The shuffling of the horde paused as distant poured their anguish into the sky at the early arrival of night. Rotting faces raised to the heavens, the light of that unholy corona spilling across their putrid features. The dying rays of a bleak sunset penetrating their rotting sockets, as the SOLAR ECLIPSE leveled darkness upon the earth with raging eternal might.

Hungarian neurofunk legend CHRIS.SU returns to the EATBRAIN label in full force, following up his ‘Underground Culture’ label anthem and State of Mind Collaboration ‘Chariots’ with his first full EP – SOLAR ECLIPSE. From the eerie and suspenseful atmosphere of the title track in collaboration with label core JADE & MINDSCAPE, to the driven filth of THE LAST LAUGH, wrapped in the sinister lyrics of NUKLEAR, through to the shimmering but powerful sci-fi aesthetics of THE ARROW, Chris.SU delivers a pure slice of heaviness for one of dnb’s most vibe-laden imprints. Eatbrain smash it again in the depths of the shadow case by the solar eclipse.

Release date

5th December Beatport exclusive

19th November worldwide

vinyl TBC