OneMind Presents OneMind Metalheadz Records

The debut EP, OneMind Presents OneMind, being released on Goldie’s METALHEADZ Label, is a time traveling pleasure that uses the past as a base in the present to push us through to a musical future envisioned by the same named duo. The press release states that “OneMind are two producers from Bristol who seek to present...a sincere reflection of what came before, whilst combining modern influences and production techniques.” That is the extent of their introduction. They prefer to let the four song EP do their talking. Skin Dem starts us off hard and raucous, like something from an old Ministry song. It is an historical tour of Electronica, DnB, and other danceable weirdness from my day (long ago), to this. With its tight stops and big restarts, this track hits hard, fast and fun. Ulterior Motive lends a hand on Early Evolution, where a train whistling in a tunnel is accompanied by a metal worker pounding a sheet of aluminum. This builds to a full blown Industrial Dance Party, where we sway to the rhythm and trip to the sounds. “Information is never lost,” insists the narrator, to which we would add, “Neither are tasty beats." Now at the halfway point, 2 On Each Side is trippy, syncopated, smooth and smart. With dialogue in Patois and English, it’s a sinewy ride through a jungle on the back of a lion. We end with Explicicity featuring Om Unit, who brings a reflective, meditative quality to the track. It’s a mid-tempo trip through a room full of counterpoint fills and offbeat syncopation that pop up like fun house tricks until the track dissolves into a luscious, smooth slide of an ending. OneMind presents OneMind is a pleasurable listen, and a powerful introduction to these “two producers from Bristol.” Collaborating with other Legendary DJ/ Producers highlight the strengths of OneMind, and bind them to the history of these genres as they move them forward, quite a feat for a debut. Do yourself a favor and add this to your library ASAP.

Fierce first release from OneMind on the mighty Metalheadz Get your copy here: