Metalheadz 🇬🇧 Dub Phizix Spot light / Rotate EP

TEDx Observer - Goldie in another life, I spent a lot of my time playing music. Most of my money went towards equipment, concerts and weed, meaning I could not go out much, so I had to make my own fun. The band rehearsed a lot, but we did set aside some time for jamming. We had our own house and a room full of instruments and recording equipment. Musician friends would arrive with beer and other offerings. The music was often fresh, exciting and full of space, as we played off one another creating new songs in the moment. Night would turn to morning as we improvised, jammed and gradually descended into joyous sonic chaos.

Spot Light is at once, smooth, grounded and ethereal. Picture an experimental jazz/dance combo set up in a favorite venue, just jamming away. Percussion sets the pace, a guitar chips at the beat, and keyboards introduce the bass, which proceeds to take over. The bass is so alive. I can hear fingers slide up and down the neck with just the ever so slightest occasional fret buzz to keep it real. It sets the phrase, and then the magic starts. The song has the feel of a spontaneous jam, as played by a group that knows each other well.

The breezy feel of Spot Light fades into a bit darker intro as Rotate picks up where Spot Light leaves off. It’s a bit like an outtake from the movie Eraserhead. Bass and some serious beats/minute propel us into the heart of the track. As the song heats up, sounds drop in around us, short musical bombs to carry us on a musical trip, no ingested stimuli required. There’s an interlude then back to serious beats/minute as the track ends on an upbeat. Never one to disappoint, Dub Phizix delivers on this new EP. In a 2015 interview with UKF, he admitted to being his own harshest critic, and holding himself to a high standard. But it’s for a reason any artist can respect. “There’s nothing better than knowing you’ve hit someone on an emotional level.” he stated in that interview. “Whether it’s love or hate…If you’re striking someone’s The last Metalheadz release of 2016 comes courtesy of Dub Phizix and we’re very excited to welcome him back to the Headz camp. The last time he graced the label was in 2014 with Skeptical on the Platinum Breakz 4 compilation with the sublime ‘Deeper Love’. The much-requested tracks, Spot Light and Rotate, fit the Headz vibe perfectly whilst retaining what you would expect of a Dub Phizix release and it’s a pleasure to be releasing them on the label, capping off a great year for all involved!

Dub Phizix-Spot Light/ Metalheadz Dub Phizix-Rotate/ Metalheadz Hydro,War-Time Perception/Methlab COD3X-Sublimination/Methlab Urbandawn-Pavlov's Dog/Hospital Splash Head and the Clamps-Useless Delta Heavy-Bar Fight/Ram OneMind-Expliciticity/Metalheadz Whiney-Moondance/ Hospital Mastered by MarvMan of So Real Sound, London England 🇬🇧 . Produced by DJ BC#9 Of DNB UNITED RECORDS & DNBUNITED.COM.

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