DNB United Records, and The United State of Drum and Bass Podcast was launched world wide on March 16, 2016 by founder and CEO Jason Bakes, a/k/a/ DNB artist and producer BC#9. Jason specifically designed the website to build an institution all of the DNB forms, artists, labels and industry professionals to come together to celebrate the art, culture, and evolving sound of Drum and Bass. DNB United is one of the only websites that has most of the major DNB labels and artists submitting their advanced releases for critical review. DNB United also conducts in-depth interviews from the perspective of another artist, with our founder creating the questions that become the dialog that exclusive interviews with both established and up and coming artists and producers, as well as other industry professionals. The main focus of these interviews is DNB and all of its many facets. DNB United also asks each artist at the conclusion of their interview to create a guest producer’s mix to be included in DNB United’s original podcast, The United State of Drum and Bass, produced and hosted by our founder, DJ BC#9. This original podcast continues to grow, becoming more popular and reaching more listeners each month. 2017 will include am ongoing series of production steps, secrets, and that age old question, “How do you get that bass sound!?!” Xtene Sixtene is the editor in chief, keeping all things at DNB United proper and professional. Xtene is also a regular contributor, writing reviews and column to come about the visual art scene in Drum and Bass, having attended art school, including the Royal College of Art in London. Tim Dunleavy is another original staff member and contributor. Tim is an excellent writer and a lifelong professional organic musician. Other contributors include artists, producers, and fans of Drum and Bass, hailing from such places as the UK, Berlin, Tokyo, Amsterdam as well as the United States, where DNB United is currently based. We are represented globally, always staying true to our message to think globally, and act locally. As all of our subscribers know, DNB United is growing worldwide. There are now many sub-genres of DNB, including neurofunk, liquid, and many more, offering something for all DNB enthusiasts, including newcomers as well as old-school aficionados. Our list of affiliates is also growing constantly, including, but not limited to, Hospital and Med School, Metalheadz, Terminal, Eatbrain, Ram. Viper, Program, Invisible and more. If you love DNB, please follow DNB United on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Vimeo, Soundcloud and Mixcloud, as well as TuneIn Radio. The United State of Drum and Bass can also be heard when rebroadcasted on Saturday nights on CITR FM in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, on The Late Night Show, which can be heard at 101.9 on the Canadian FM dial. Vancouver’s number one DNB show is hosted by DJ Rea. Check them out streaming on the web at for a live stream of this vibrant DNB broadcast. Future plans for DNB United also include acting as an artist-centered label that is, even now, beginning to line up a roster of artists interested in signing to DNB United Records, not only to be represented by the label, but to become members, chosen by DNB United, for their sheer and undying love of the genre of Drum and Bass…not just the music, but the whole universe of it…to become proud members of a true artist collaborative where we all work together, as well as independently, having both autonomy and community. DNB United is growing into a crew, a family, where the music is always the heartbeat, driving the flow of all of the many intertwining and individually pioneering artists that we all are…individual and unique, but like our name and philosophy both say…United! We are united in the love of not just the ever-growing, changing and evolving genre of DNB, but we stand together to foster, encourage, inspire and form the community, family, culture and movement that is Drum and Bass. As DJ BC#9 can often be heard saying during The United Sate of Drum and Bass podcast…”Stay strong, stay raw, stand tall…Drum and Bass takes all!” And here at DNB United, all lovers of DNB, from artist, to critic, to producer or promoter, to cover art and video designers, to fans…all are welcomed with open arms and waving flags to join us at the one and only DRUM AND BASS UNITED. If you are looking to join our team, please subscribe on the website and contact us by leaving a message using our comments box.