Invisible 025 Invisible Recordings Featuring RedPill, Malux, LeStR, Abstract Elements.

After Invisible’s last release, 024, I thought it would be difficult to top that release. Well, Invisible has raised the bar once again with 025. The first track from the french artist Red Pill, comes at you like an angry tiger, the blistering, grinding bass line grips you right off the top with it’s sharp teeth. A group of industrial sounds, like a blast furnace fire up the senses, then an abrupt stop occurs, and the voice of a dark angel counts off…”1-2-3-4”…it’s a deliberate cue [point to mark a distinct break in the track. Following that cue, the organized mayhem of dark neurofunk DNB lunges forward, taking you down the twists and turns of a journey that is both visual and musical. Without a doubt, my favorite track on Invisible 025.

I found, while listening to the complete release from start to finish, that the rest of the release is armed with wicked tracks that are filled with depth and equally interesting appeal. I listen to a lot of neurofunk and DNB, and I review a wide range of artists and labels. Invisible is, in my humble opinion, without a doubt at the very top of the list of labels, and the artists on the roster of this label are some of the best in the world of DNB.Jason Bakes DNB◉UNITED RECORDS

Taken from Invisible 025, out January 27.