Eatbrain is not only an artist/producer/DJ and performer, but he is also the brains behind the label that has fostered the growth of a long list of artists within the evolving genre of Neurofunk DNB. To celebrate the labels 5 year anniversary, Eatbrain Records has released an incredible compilation of choice-picked tracks to reflect and represent the last five years of Eatbrain's label. Let me also say that I, like Eatbrain, am an artist/producer/DJ and performer who also owns a label, DNB◉UNITED RECORDS. When you launch a label, there is a lot of thought that goes into the sound that your label will become known for. This is often referred to as a labels signature sound. Hospital Records, Viper Records, and Metalheadz are three labels with a long history of signing artists and building a foundation of their own signature sound. When done well, a listener hears a new track and right from the start they say, "Hey, that must be a Metalheadz release..." based on its distinctive sound. Eatbrain has carved out a place in the world of Nerufunk DNB that not only has their own sound in every way, but they have set a standard to which others strive to achieve. Recently, I was reviewing an Eatbrain release, and noted that I felt that Eatbrain's benchmark for production quality and engineering clarity was second to none. I not only still feel that way, but when I listened to the 5 release including all these tracks from the last five years, I didn’t hear one example of the sound from five years ago being less impressive than the current sound. Consistent across the board in every way.

I love the catalog of artwork for the albums covers, the songs, and the way Eatbrain tells a sci-fi tale on each release that would make readers of authors of the sci-fi genre and writers such as H.P. Lovecraft proud. Trust me, if you love Neurofunk DNB, you have to buy a copy of 5 and let it begin. Even if you haven’t been exposed to Eatbrain yet, this would be a great starter for you. Once in a while, out of the studio, comes an artist that embodies something truly special. I am here to make the claim that Eatbrain and his posse of artists fit that description. Truly special.

A Dark Angel I call my 500 horsepower whip (car), is where I road test my favorite new dark DNB releases. Under a dark sky filled with only the light of the moon, I ride uninterrupted...alone with the sounds of Eatbrain's 5 while I take the twists and turns under a blanket of fog at 2:00am. Its a cold January night outside. Inside my high-performance, full injected turbo 500 HP hemi chirps as I shift gears, traveling into the night as “No Cure” Black Sun Empire Remix comes out of my cars audio system like a slug from a 45! I am now one with the sound of Eatbrains 5 and the road beneath me. Locked into the night...this is my time. Please keep them coming Eatbrain, I need my fix.

Jason Bakes aka 𝐁Ꮯ⚡︎➒ founder DNB◉UNITED RECORDS & DNB◉UNITED.COM host of 🔊THE UNITED STATE OF DNB ⚡︎ RADIO 📻 . Stay Raw -Stand Tall DNB Takes all.

ARTISTS Black Sun Empire, Mindscape, Jade, Jade, Mefjus, Neonlight, Ryme Tyme, Telekinesis, MC Coppa, Teddy Killerz, Mindscape, Disphonia, Coppa, Zombie Cats, Kung & Aeph, Qo, Nuklear MC, State Of Mind, L 33, Signs, Dabs, Rymetyme, Machine Code, Billain, Kodin, Gydra, Mob Tactics, Disprove, Optiv & BTK, Dub Elements, Kryptomedic, Agressor Bunx, Segment, Concept Vision, Hypoxia, HYQXYZ, Gancher & Ruin, Maztek, June Miller, Syze, Nickbee

Buy link: beatport.com/release/eatbrain-5-years-compilation/1920508